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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Army Review: 15mm Sarmatians

Today's review is of my first "proper" (ie historical) army - 15mm Sarmatians. You know, the big scary block of big scary men on big scary horses with long scary pointy things (or BSBoBSMoBSHwLSPT; or the BSB for short!). I haven't added to the army for a couple of years and there are still a load of figures to be completed at some point - the horses are done, but I still haven't finished prepping the riders, let alone painting them!

I've also got some Scythian heavy cavalry and command group sitting in a drawer part-painted. I really should finish those at some point.

Anyway, pics.

Bulgar medium cavalry

Rhoxolani "other cavalry"

Alan and Scythian light horse

Light foot

Medium foot


Baggage camp


It's certainly interesting to see how my painting and basing has developed over the years since I painted these. All the figures here are Donnington Ancient & Moderns. For the cavalry with lances and spears the worst part was having to drill out the hands. I think I only sunk the drill bit into my own hand a few times...


  1. Love these. Also like a snappy abreviation

  2. You going to need an extension to the property, never mind some decoration to store this lot!

  3. Very nice too and as great camp for them.

  4. Fantastic! And yes drilling for spears is a necessary chore...

  5. Excellent! a fantastic looking army you have there.

    Cheers, Ross

  6. @ Martin C - cheers! BSB is certainly a useful abbreviation for them! :)

    @ Michael A - m'Lord, the only way to extend my flat would be to extend the flats below me as well. Luckily I should only need one more bookcase in my hobby room to house all my figures [and have a little space for a few more] :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! That was the first baggage camp I put together for FoG and still one of my favourites :)

    @ Chasseur - cheers! Sadly, you're right about it being necessary and also a chore! :)

    @ Carl - thanks! :)

    @ Ross - cheers! :)