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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Army Review - SYW Russians

Over the next few days/weeks I'll be doing a series of posts showing off all my various armies as they stand right now. 

To kick things off, here are my Seven Years War Russians:

Cuirassiers - Novotroitskiy; Kazanskiy; (3rd) Minichovskiy; Kievskiy

Rear - Voronezhkiy; Schlusselburgskiy
Front - Apsheronskiy; Astrakhanskiy

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Grenadiers

Rostovskiy; Uglitskiy; Tchernigovskiy; Novgorodskiy

Rear - Muromskiy; Viatskiy
Front - Arkhangelogorodskiy; Riazanskiy

Serbskiy & Vengerskiy hussars; Sankt Peterburgskiy horse grenadiers; Tverskiy dragoons; Zeltiy & Slobodskiy hussars

I didn't include the two loose guns or the fusiliers in this round-up.

I have got an order of cavalry reinforcements from Essex on the way - four more regiments of dragoonsor horse grenadiers; two more regiments of hussars; a spare hussar command pack to paint up as a command stand; and two wagons


  1. Fantastic, great idea. May do mine later in the year

  2. Absolutely wonderful Tamsin! You're making me want to do SYW. Again!

  3. Nice work on these - I always your ability to get stuff done!


  4. SYW is one of my favorite periods. I recently finished some Swiss troops. Congrats on your Russians!
    - Jeff

  5. Wow. Very impressive, T.

  6. Lovely line up.



  7. That is one impressive looking collection!

  8. When you see all of them together, it makes all the hard work you put in seem worthwhile! Well done!

  9. Great job with your kick-off.

    Happy New Week :-)

  10. What a great idea and a great army to kick it off!

  11. Super painting, and I'm sure Fred's worried! You do know, I suppose, that they tended to discard the green coat for comfort in battle, and fought in a red jecket?

  12. Real impressive - love the effect of these en-mass.

  13. @ Martin C - cheers! Look forward to seeing yours :)

    @ Neil Scott - thanks! :)

    @ Millsy - cheers old boy! Go on - you know you want to :)

    @ Clint - thanks! :)

    @ fireymonkeyboy - cheers! I'd get even more done if I really committed myself [and didn't have to go to work...] :)

    @ Squad Painter - thanks! Swiss - for the French army? :)

    @ Ski - cheers! :)

    @ Pete - thanks! :)

    @ Thomas F - cheers! :)

    @ Ray - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - it certainly does :)

    @ Whisk - cheers! And a happy new week to you too :)

    @ Da Gobbo Grotto - it seemed like a good idea on Saturday, although now I've realised just how many of these posts I'll need to do... :)

    @ Alexander H-W - thanks! Sadly, Essex don't do the infantry in summer order [just the red long-sleeved waistcoat] :)

    @ Dannoc - if they're impressive now, just think what they'll be like when my megalomania is satisfied [1 more cuirassier regiment, 17 more musketeers, 4 more horse grenadiers, 2 more dragoons, 4 more hussars, more guns! and a horde of cossacks. You know, just enough to represent all the units that fought in the SYW!!] :)