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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Saturday Workbench

After a bit of shopping this morning, I've spent this afternoon prepping the rest of the new figures from Essex (I'd prepped 2 regiments of dragoons/horse grenadiers during lunch breaks at work). All four regiments of dragoons/horse grenadiers have now been stuck onto painting sticks, ready for priming with the airbrush tomorrow.

The two regiments of hussars are prepped and in the soapy wash tub at the moment. I'll be rinsing and drying them after this post - they might get stuck onto painting sticks tonight, but more likely tomorrow.

I've just prepped the "hussar" general's group - Russian generals, like most generals of that era were responsible for their own uniforms. I figured that some dashing young Count who's been promoted to general might want to cut a dash and base his uniform on that of hussars to make the young ladies in the court at St Petersburg swoon after him.

I'm currently in the middle of prepping the two wagons - they should be done shortly and ready to go into soapy water overnight with the hussar general's group.


  1. Flat out again Tamsin, always so much going on in your hobby life - absolutely wonderful .

  2. Keep up the good work. It will be a real treat to see the finished products. Will each group of dragoons also have a mounted brigadier type?

  3. @ Michael A - not quite flat-out thankfully. That will come next week when I'm painting them :)

    @ Jerry - thanks and will do! The dragoons will just be officer, ensign, drummer and six troopers :)