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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Army Review: Choson Koreans

And we're onto the eighth post of the series. Today's army is probably my biggest because...reasons (such as megalomania). It also includes the potential start for another army,

Yes, as the post title gives away, this is my Choson Korean army which currently fills 4 foolscap box files. It's so large that I had to split it into sections to take the pics of it.

Speaking of pics...

The Irregular Forces:


Irregular cavalry

Half of the Righteous Army

Monk soldiers

Peasant levy

More monk soldiers

The other half of the Righteous Army

Horse nomads

Baggage camp for FoG
This part of the army is the most likely to be added to. I'm likely to expand the Righteous Army and peasant levy troops, but not for a long while. I also have some horse nomad medium/heavy cavalry that I started painting a while back and need to finish. I could expand those as well, to build another army, but probably just enough for a decent ADLG army rather than for FoG.

The Regular Forces:


Another view of the generals

Light troops


Military academy light horse

Guard cavalry

To-bang and Tae-gak guard foot

"Soldiers" - these replaced the T-bang and Tae-gak guards under the Yi reforms

Regular foot

More regular foot

Still more regular foot

Regular cavalry and crossbowmen

You may have spotted that the regular foot are either 3 or 4 ranks deep. That is because one of the rear ranks has bows, another arquebuses and the third crossbows (two of the regiments don't have crossbows painted yet - the figures are prepped to add those). I will probably add another front rank (melee weapons) for each regiment and some more skirmish troops so that I can play out a civil war campaign in the future. It's handy that they paint up very quickly.

The Koreans are all Old Glory 15s apart from the artillery, arqebusiers and the separate crossbow unit - those are Grumpys (via East Riding Miniatures). the horse nomads are Mongols from Donnington Ancient & Modern.


  1. A little megalomania never hurt anyone :-). Love the camp!

  2. That is a fancy bit of work! Nothing wrong with measured megalomania.

  3. That is one big army! Great work!

  4. I do like a bit of megalomania! Great looking troops Tamsin.

  5. I do like a bit of megalomania! Great looking troops Tamsin.

  6. Not my choice of army BUT very well executed! They do look super!

  7. @ Millsy - cheers and Muwahahahaha! The camp was a little bit of fun :)

    @ Jonathan F - my megalomania can't be measured. Nor should it be ;)

    @ Michael A - thank you m'Lord :)

    @ Phil - still not big enough though :)

    @ Ray - who doesn't? Thanks! :)

    @ Clint - well, someone has to paint up opposition for Samurai and I'm just the woman for the job! :)

  8. Massive and wonderful! I'm starting to think you provide all the figures for your clubmates. ;-)

    Loving your army review series. You must rent a separate space for all your armies.

  9. I can only assume that you're saving the other half of the army for this year's Challenge?
    ; )
    Splendid work, Tamsin!