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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Army Review: 15mm Buccaneers. Aaarrrrr!!!!

I needed a break from posting last night, and thought that you good folks probably could as well. But I'm back with the next of my series of army reviews.

Tonight I must confess to a state of embarrassment. I painted the bulk of the army about two and a half years ago but still haven't finished painting the commanders, artillery, dragoons and light foot. Or the camp. Or the ship. OK, the ship is actually finished for painting, maybe some detailing needs to be done. And the crew would need painting. What the ship really needs though is the masts, sails and rigging. I'm thinking this project needs me to dedicate some time to it later this year. I've got all the bits I need. Well, I might need to buy another pack of pirates with firearms from Rebel Minis, but that's it.

Well, it must be time for the piccies:

"Disciplined" buccaneers*

Pyrats and skeleton crew - "Veteran" buccaneers?*

Skeleton Crew

"Other" buccaneers*

Close Up 1

Close Up 2
* in FoGR there are three classes of pirates buccaneers:
Veteran buccaneers - Superior, Medium Foot, Musket/-/Sword
Disciplined buccaneers - Average, Medium Foot, Musket/-/Sword
Other buccaneers - Average, Warrior, Musket*/Impact Foot/Sword

I went for using the Pyrats and Skeleton Crew for the veterans, but could use some of the "Disciplined" bases if I want an all (living) human army - that's what the two 4-figure bases in front are for, to help distinguish them.

The figures are a mix of Blue Moon and Rebel Minis. Painting them was fun, but a bit of a slog as I did them all in one big batch to help get the variety of flesh tones, hair and clothing colours. I think these were the fist figures where I tried the "Ian Willey" basing method - glob thick paint (in this case craft acrylic rather than household emulsion) on the bases and then drizzle the sand mix on top. The thick paint binds the sand much better than PVA does, making drybrushing much easier.

These are the last of the 15mm for now (I do have some odds and ends to post later). The next reviews will be my 28mm armies.


  1. Love the Pirates. I have enjoyed the whole journey through your 15mm collection. Thanks for sharing them all with us.

  2. shiver me timbers, they are great. I have a 28mm Pirate army and they are great to paint and play

  3. And I thought I had a lot

  4. They are handsome they Aaarrrrr!!!!

  5. Impressive bunch of cutthroats and scallywags!

  6. They look nasty, but in a good way :-)

    It's more the Lee Sharp method to be honest as I stole it off him


  7. That be a great motley crew that be.

  8. Aarrrr! Tiz a scurvy bunch of comments from a scurvy bunch of commenters for the dread poirate Red Tamsin to reply to! :)

    @ Jon - arrrr! Thanks! It's been fun to show them off :)

    @ Martin - arrrr! Cheers me hearty! The piratical life is a fun one indeed! :)

    @ Zabadak - arrrr! You may have fewer but they are bigger :)

    @ Clint - arrrr! Cheers and down the grog! :)

    @ Michael A - arrrr! Thankee kindly, me m'Lord of plunder! :)

    @ Francis - arrrr! But as cutthroats and scallywags they are mere landlubbers compared to that scurvy dog Rascal Ray! :)

    @ Ian - arrrr! Nasty is as nasty needs to do! :)
    So I stole the method from you, you stole it from Lee and I'll guess that he stole the idea from someone else and so on :)

    @ Dannoc - arrrr! A motley crew you say? Well, it's a load of heavy metal anyway but mine don't have make-up! ;)