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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Put down those pitchforks!

"and those flaming torches!"

I know that more than a few days of me not posting gets you lot antsy, but you should know by now that I'll always be back in my own good time. It's mostly been because I haven't really had anything to post.

So, the real life stuff. This week I'm away from the office on week 2 of my NEBOSH certificate course. And the exams for both modules are next Tuesday. Gulp!

Of course, that means that my evenings this week and the whole of my weekend will be pretty busy with reading and revising. So, not much (if any) painting or blogging until the exams are over and done with.

But what you really want to know about is what I've been up to since my last blog post. Well, I didn't try to restart painting the pirates. However, I did do a little more prep work - 16 dismounted Mongol archers. I based and primed these (after adding basing texture) at the weekend. They will be a light foot nomad unit for the Koreans.

I also primed the FSE and civilian ships. For some reason - I can't recall what - I decided to prime the civilian ships white rather than grey. That means I'll have to incorporate a wash as the initial step when I paint these up to provide some shading in the depths. Oh well.

While I was priming, I remembered that there was a small group of figures I had prepped ages back with the intention of painting them for the Challenge, but I hadn't primed them. So I did this on Saturday. The group is Warlord Games' "Prince Rupert of the Rhine". Hang on a sec though - how does one man and a horse count as a group of figures? Well, it's not just a man and a horse - there is also his poodle (a proper, big one not one of those horrible, yappy, pampered little pests), Boye.

If I do manage to find any time to paint before my exams, I will do a post. Until then:

"Toodle Pip!"


  1. Take you time. You will do it, Tamsin! Do the exam and pass it! I keep my fingers crossed for you!

    (And after that, you have to attend the Empress of the Universe course ^^)

    All the best


    1. Nah, Tamsin will be declared E of the U by acclamation, not exam...

    2. Yah, okay - you're right. Sorry. I just thought it might be a good idea, because there has been a Supreme Ruler of the Universe course while I attended the Imperial Navy Academy ....

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  2. Keep 'em coming, I can't wait for the ships to get finished.

  3. You'll ace your exam no worries.

    I want to see that regulation sized Poodle!

  4. Good things come to those that work for them. Not that you need any luck from me but I look forward to seeing your painting when it is ready. But no rush. All the best Clint

  5. Good luck with the course Tamsin.

  6. Very best of luck with the exams Tamsin!

  7. Hi Tamsin:
    I'm sure you'll put the kibosh on the NEBOSH and get back to painting.

  8. Best of luck from me for the exam. You'll pass them I am sure.
    Rupert with one of those perfumed little critters...? No way.
    Cannot wait to see you up painting again. Maybe see ya at Salute??

  9. Good luck with the exams Tamsin, I won't hassle you about my challenge free figure yet:P

  10. Good old Real Life, hope the exams go well and a short break after the work you did in the Challenge won't hurt


  11. Thanks for all the best wishes folks :)

    @ Stargazer - the "Supreme Ruler of the Universe" course is for training senior officers and public servants on the correct way of obeying me :)

    @ Thomas - I'll probably get them all painted over the Easter break.

    @ Anne - ahh, of course - Regulation 401/24/2 - Size of Poodles, Princes [For Accompaniment Of] ;)

    @ Markus - I'll be there

    @ Fran - I'd forgotten about that side-bet. Hassle me about it at Salute :)