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Friday, 11 April 2014

Salute Tomorrow

Although it is the mumblety-mumbleth anniversary of my birth today, my celebrations are over the weekend. It's never good when a certain 4-letter word takes up most of your actual birthday, after all.

So, what are my celebrations?

Saturday: Salute

Lots of spending, meeting up with folks from the blogosphere, some more spending, dragging the loot home (having forgotten to book the team of Sherpas to help carry it all), nursing my back when I get home, taking pics of the loot, posting them here (along with pics taken during the day of course).

If you're at Salute tomorrow, don't forget the lunchtime meetup - 1pm by the seating area on the right hand side of the hall.

Sunday: Homs 1281 (Mongols vs Mamluks)

This will be the second big FOG game hosted by Gordon that I'll be participating in. I'll remember to take my camera this time. I also hope to do slightly better than my performance commanding the Andalusians a few weeks ago.


  1. Happy birthday for today - good time for a birthday (mine waas yesterday).
    Enjoy yourself at salute, I won't be going as there's too much going on at the moment, building work on the extension and therefore lack of funds.
    Have fun and can't wait see your report.

  2. Happy birthday and have a good time tomorrow.

  3. Blimey, fancy having Salute on your birthday weekend. Hope you told everyone you just wanted money (and no WHSmith gift vouchers!). :O)

    Have a Happy Birthday nonetheless.

  4. Happy Birthday, Tamsin. Hope you have a great time at Salute.

  5. Happy birthday Tamsin! So jealous of you lot on your way to Salute.

  6. Happy Birthday Tamsin! Have fun tomorrow and try to get to the fudge before Ray and Fran do!

  7. Happy Birthday Tamsin. A trip to Salute would be my ultimate birthday present (considering it would have to come with return airline tickets to get me to the other side of the earth I don't see it being very likely somehow)! Enjoy.

  8. Mumbelty-Mumbeth must surely translate to 28th Birthday. So Happy 28th Birthday Tammy. See you later.

  9. Happy Birthday Tamsin! Hope you have a great day at Salute!

  10. Have a great birthday celebration weekend.

  11. Happy Birthday, Tamsin! Have a lot of fun on the Salute und (at least) another wonderful und peaceful year until the next birthday is knocking on your door and mumbling the upcoming age of yours ;-D