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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Paint Table Saturday #24

Having skipped a few weeks of this, it's about time I re-entered the fray. So, it's

With the FSE ships cleared from my paint table, I've had to decide what to work on next and what to get prepped. I really do need to finish those pirates buccaneers, so I reckon I'll get those back onto the paint table tomorrow. I'm off work until Wednesday so there is a reasonable chance of me finishing them, or at least getting close.

I've also got to paint up a figure for Fran as his prize for being the top-scoring Reject in the Challenge. If you recall my Salute Loot post from last Saturday, I thought that one of the figures in the Blue Moon "Named Gangster" pack would be perfect to represent the big fella. Last night I prepped the figures, washed them and left them to dry overnight. Today I've stuck them onto some washers (as holders for painting them) and primed them in black.

While I was doing the prep I had a silly thought about painting up some of the others as Christmas pressies for family. When they are done, expect to see a silly post outlining the criminal history of the Piper-Malkin Gang. Hmmm, I think that means I'll need to find a suitable car and scenery for the photographs. Oh, hang on a second - that probably means buying stuff. Yippee!

I'll also have a few figures left over to use for my next giveaway. Come to think of it, I was meant to do a giveaway a little while back. Yikes!


  1. I always feel a bit depressed when I am contemplating figures which have just been undercoated but I'm sure you will move them along in your admirably rapid style! Looking forward to these!

    1. "I always feel a bit depressed when I am contemplating figures which have just been undercoated"
      Really? I feel the opposite. It's like the sun is coming up on a brand new day...

  2. Have a good few days of work and get some rest and recuperation. Oh and get your brushes wet!

  3. I only ever painted ceramics, but the stuff ya'll paint looks fun too.

  4. Have a good couple of days with a brush in hand Tamsin, looking forward to what you do with these

  5. @ Legatus and Millsy - I vacillate between those two viewpoints. Sometimes seeing the figures primed inspires me to crack on, other times I worry about how I'll even make a start, let alone finish painting them.

    @ Clint - I do need some R&R, so will make the most of my time off. Never fear, I will get my brushes wet.

    @ Whisk - a lot of the time painting is a grind, so I do enjoy painting up "fun" figures now and then to break the monotony.

    @ Fran - see my new post :)

    @ Loki - one down, 11 to go. I'm not sure when I'll do the rest - hopefully soon.

  6. Thanks for participating! I added your link to my blog post.
    Greetings, Sofie