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Thursday, 17 April 2014

FSE Fleet Upgrade

Errmm, yes, well. It has been a few days since I posted and I still haven't posted my pics of Salute games. I'll try to do that tomorrow.

The last few days have seen me paint up the extra ships for my FSE fleet. So here they are in all their glory.

All the extra ships together:

Cygne class scout ships:

Daphne class corvettes:

Colbert class escort cruisers:

Tourville class heavy cruiser:

Da Silva class battleship:

Littorio class battle dreadnought:

Charlemagne class super dreadnought:

The full mega-fleet snuggly stored in a foam tray (with space for more ships)


  1. a fine looking force - top notch

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Nice looking fleet! Do you use them with Full Thrust, or do you have other rules for these ships?

  4. Lovely work Tamsin, you need a touch of shinyitis to fill that foam tray though :)

  5. Wonderful fleet from Tamsin and I like the colour scheme, though the FSE are not a patch of the NSL in combat.

  6. Nice fleet Tams, when will we see some fleet actions though! And don't pay attention to PK. FSE really are the best fleet! (well sometimes)

  7. @ Dannoc - thanks!

    @ Stargazer - cheers!

    @ Anne - tyvm m'dear :)

    @ Desert Scribe - thanks and yup, they will be used with Full Thrust.

    @ Loki - That's the big problem - too many to fit in a hlaf size tray, not enough to fill up a full size. All that empty space is just crying out to be filled. I'm thinking another battle cruiser, another battleship, a carrier, some heavy frigates and destroyers....
    Not for a while though - I've still got a full navy's worth of ships to paint up before I consider adding more to the queue

    @ PK - well, this fleet would certainly have trouble taking on my NSL fleet. And that's before my NSL get their extra ships!

    @ Clint - to be quite honest, my FSE and ESU fleets are to provide an OpFor for my NSL to blast out of space, with the NAC fleet to provide a minor allied contingent. I guess my Japanese will be another OpFor.
    As for when fleet actions will be seen, hopefully quite soon :)

    @ Fran - well, what can I say :)

    @ Mad tin Hatter - cheers!

  8. They really are splendid Tamsin.

  9. I have the problem of having big NAC, Japanese and UNSC fleets and small NSL, ESU, Pirate, Krivak, PACFED and ORC fleets... More or less all unpainted. But as the opfor in the tuffleyverse are really the ESU and FSE (plus some minors) I really need more of them. And maybe to paint what is turning into a large pile of ships!

  10. @ Urban Bunny - they're ready and waiting to take on your NSL :)

    @ Mr Awdry - thank you sir!

    @ Mad Tin Hatter - my NSL fleet is massive (and with more ships to come!). In fact, it would probably take several players to handle it in Full Thrust. A big part of me doing so many fleets is to allow me to run multi-player games.
    Anyway, if this has inspired you to buy (and paint!) some more FSE, ESU or whatever to provide a decent OpFor, then my task is done :)