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Saturday 19 April 2014

Salute - The Pics Wot I Took of the Games

I didn't get around to posting these yesterday. There was a very good reason for that though. The third module of my health and safety course was to conduct a safety inspection and then write up a "report to management". The deadline for this being received is next Tuesday, so today was the last point at which I could post it. That meant I had to get it all finished, printed and signed last night. I'd actually had plenty of time to do it at work, but was never able to get into it and my brain just kept drawing a blank whenever I tried. I think it must have been that I needed the rapidly approaching deadline to concentrate my mind to get it done.

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that it is all done, dusted and posted off. Now I just have to wait a couple of months for the results.

But that's enough blather for now. On with the pics I took of games at Salute. I didn't make notes of all the games I took photos of, so I might not be able to identify them all.

WSS and Simon Miller present "C-Day - Caesar's Invasion of Britain"

A lovely game by John (with Dave - or was it the other way round?) in 54mm

Victorian Sci-Fi/Steampunk game set on Mars:

The Lance and Longbow Society were demonstrating some jousting rules.

Scrivs and co had this superb Battle of Keren - what lovely terrain!

Terrain by Oshiro - can't remember who was running this Samurai game

Normandy glider landings at the Orne:

Not a game, but I couldn't resist taking a pic of this superb Norse settlement in winter by 4Ground

Not sure what this game was....Great War?

Kursk 1943 - lovely terrain

Another game from the Warlords - Pelennor Fields in 1/16 scale

Passing Le Port

A Bolt Action game of Brecourt Manor

I think this was a Great War game. I seem to recall seeing it at a couple of shows last year.

As always, Wargames Illustrated had superb terrain for their game

I didn't take as many photos of games this year as there didn't seem to be as many that really grabbed my attention. I obviously missed a lot of games as well, having seen them on other folks' blogs.


  1. Good luck for the report Tamsin, a nice post and more eye candy for me

  2. Hi Tamsin,

    Lovely pictures...thanks for posting. I hope that you enjoyed yourself and, more importantly, did well on your exams last week.

    So...what new project will you be taking on for the spring?

    A/K/A The Celtic Curmudgeon
    "Grumpy is good."

  3. Nice one mate. Always good to see Pictures of Salute!

  4. Providing my knees last into retirement, Salute is on my bucket list, my wife wishes to travel to England at some point, I will make sure our travel coincides with Salute at the least. ;)
    It'd be nice to see the show and my blogger friends across that big wet thing!

  5. Your pics compliment other blogs, you have a very distinct way of shooting games. Thanks for posting them!

  6. A couple of weeks to wait. Yikes.

    So cool that you got to go. Happy Saturday.

  7. Great photos Tamsin, looks like I missed a good show (and meeting your good self of course!). On the plus side, I now have spare cash to spend online!!

  8. Oh, if I should ever win the Lottery, I think I'm moving to the UK so I can get in on all this great wargaming! Thanks for the pics!

  9. Great looking games tables.