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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

More Spaceships Prepped

I didn't fell like re-starting painting last night, nor again this evening, so I've been prepping some more spaceships. Last night I spent prepping a bunch of civilian ships; this evening I did the extra ships to upgrade my FSE intro fleet to mega fleet size.

The Civilian Ships

In the left rack we have (L to R, top to bottom) a Merino class livestock hauler, Olympus class short-haul passenger transport, 2 yachts, a Glow Worm class free trader, a Kestel class free trader and 2 Tradewind class freighters.

In the right rack we have 2 Tradewind class tankers, a Dallas class refinery ship and a Princess class starliner.

The FSE Fleet

In the left rack we have 3 corvettes, 3 scout ships a battle dreadnought and a battleship. In the right rack are a heavy cruiser, a super dreadnought and 2 escort cruisers.

I'll probably wait for the weekend before priming these, then start painting them next week. Tomorrow night I'll have a crack at re-starting work on the pirate dragoons and commanders.


  1. Groovy. Those civilian ships will help create gaming options like being escorted or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. Well it looks like you are building an whole space civilization, Tamsin. One day, you will be Empress and rule a Galactic Empire. If that happens, notify me. I'd enlist as Fleet Commander - but until then, I am eager to see progress on those ships ;-D

    Mavet Me'shamaim and take care^^


  3. Please tell me you are going to paint that Princess class to look like the Love Boat.

  4. Sometimes I fell just like that. Want to do hobby but not paint. ITs good just to chill prepping figs or puttying bases. The new additions to the paint table will look great Tamsin.

  5. That's a bunch of great-looking civilian vessels, Tasmin!

  6. Neat. It reminds me I must not be such a slacker and go take some pictures of my spaceships and post them on my blog. Think of it as Girl solidarity in action.

  7. Great work Tamsin, these spaceships are certainly an epic build

  8. Nicely done. I've found convoy protection scenarios to be a lot of fun in naval games and would think that would carry over into space games also.

    Post Challege, I'm not that productive at the workbench either!

  9. Your taking over the Galaxy woman ;-)


  10. Those civvies look rather fine. Can't wait to see em painted up.

  11. Blimey!! How many of these buggers have you got now??

  12. A really great spaceships fleet to conquer the Galaxy... ;-)


  13. Good to see, I like the holders, very practical!

    1. I used to work in a lab and recognize them. I'm sorta kicking myself now for not grabbing some.....they look very handy.

  14. That's a whole lot of lead Tamsin

  15. Looking forward to facing them on the table Tamsin.

    I can see me buying some more Full Thrust at Salute.....

  16. @ Brendon - or are they really civilian ships? Maybe they are sending out false transponder signals....

    @ Stargazer - one day? You obviously haven't been keeping up with the news *lol*

    @ J Womack - well, it will be mainly white....

    @ SimonQ - breaks are good from time to time

    @ Thomas - thanks

    @ Ashley - I look forward to seeing them. We girls have to stick together :)

    @ Andrew - the frustration of super-gluing the big ones was certainly epic

    @ Miles - convoys are good fun and these will make a nice little rag-tag flotilla for a battleship to escort

    @ Ian - I refer you to my reply to Stargazer! ;)

    @ MichaelA - they're not shiny now they've been primed :(

    @ Millsy - it might be a few weeks before I get to paint them

    @ Ray - almost enough NAC, FSE and ESU to oppose my NSL. Mind you, with the extra NSL ships I've got sitting waiting to be assembled the others might need me to get my ass in gear and prep and paint my Japanese to give them a fighting chance!

    @ Monty - so cool I've had to turn my heating up!

    @ Marzio - already done that. I'm preparing to conquer the next one :)

    @ Fran - I'm going to have to raid one of the labs to get a couple more I think. They do the job very handily.

    @ DaveB - they're definitely handy. If you've still got freinds who work in labs ask them to grab a couple for you

    @ Phyllion - you should see the pile(s) waiting to be prepped and assembled!

    @ urban bunny - more NSL or one of the others? Have you looked at the ranges from Brigade Models? They're similar size and styles.
    We do need to get some games lined up.