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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Challenge Day 73 - Casualties Bonus Round

Curt posted all the entries for the casualty/ies bonus round on Sunday night. There are some spectacular submissions this time, as with all the previous rounds. Deciding which ones to vote for was tough.

My submission was a batch of cohesion markers for my FoGR 30 Years War army. I actually finished and submitted them 5 weeks early.

All together

"Broken" markers - these won't count for points, but will get used

Markers for cavalry units

"Disrupted" markers

Markers for foot units

"Fragmented" markers

With 16 disrupted, 8 fragmented and 6 broken cohesion markers this should be enough (hopefully) for any of my games.

All the casualty figures are from Donnington Miniatures.


  1. Excellent. I remember a gaming buddy of mine, hand crafting 6mm modern infantry casualties out of DAS about 20 years ago. Now you can buy casualty figures. Just shows how far the hobby has come.

  2. Great bunch of markers Tamsin.
    Another big industrious submission.

  3. I like casualty markers in preference to casualty dioramas. Each to there own of course but I am a wargamer primarily and a modeller secondarily. Which is why I appreciate these.

  4. Fantastic looking markers Tamsin!

  5. A cracking entry, but 5 weeks early - you are putting us all to shame.