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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Challenge Day 59 - Septic Sam the Sewer Man

I didn't sleep brilliantly on Sunday night, so I didn't get any painting done yesterday. If I hadn't had a game arranged at the club, I might have got some painting done in the evening.

Oh, you want the result of the game? It was a rather unsurprising 22:3 loss for my Danes against Andy's Swedes. I might have lost by a little less if it hadn't been for some even more appalling dice than usual combined with a couple of silly decisions I made late in the game. I did take my camera, but forgot about it until halfway through the game, at which point there was no point taking pics.

J Peasmold Waste Reprocessing Ship

I'd been wondering for a while where Mr Tuffley had got the name for this spaceship from and finally thought to use my Google-Fu. Followers of a certain age may well have got the reference, but for those younger souls I can reveal it was a character voiced by the late, great Kenneth Williams in "Round the Horne". J Peasemold Gruntfuttock was a dirty old man. Here is a classic moment:

Anyway, this ship was my latest entry in the Challenge. I got 15 points for it, which gave me the win in my race against Ian.

I went with basecoats followed by a dirty grey wash, which has given it a rather nice grungy look - quite suitable for a ship of this type I think.

"In space, nobody can smell your cargo. However, we'll still ask you to stay 10AU back from the rest of the ships, just in case"

I painted this up to give me a break between painting batches of pirates.

Speaking of pirates, I've managed to do a bit of work on them today. They've all had their hair painted and I'm partway through the third colours - mostly coats and headscarves. At this point, it's a bit quicker as less figures need the colours.


  1. Day 59. Go you. Woohoo. Sorry about the sucky sleep though.

  2. I like the bulk carrier, It matters not what the cargo is to me really, (grain, fuel, slurry). It don't really matter it's just a good starship.

  3. Now it's finished the ship is excellent. In its colours it can be used for more or less any fleet as any type of merchant too

  4. Nice spaceship...a little bit of Space 1999... :-)


  5. you really have a talent for painting spaceships

  6. Very nice - and the scenery cloth sets it off a treat.

  7. I like those colors on the space craft. And don't worry about wins or losses - the gaming itself is the reward. Best, Dean

  8. Thats a pretty cool looking ship. Nice work Tamsin.

  9. Great looking spaceship, colors are well choosen!

  10. Thanks folks - glad you all like the paintjob on this ship :)

  11. Lovely paintjob, I have a dozen little space ships on my desk so I know how hard it is the make them look good.

    The 'Round the Horne' series with J Peasemold Gruntfuttock (I'm more of a Julian and Sandy man myself - I know, very bold) is currently being replayed on BBC Radio 4 Extra (Tuesday nights, I think).