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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Challenge Day 60 - Midweek Update

Pirates WIP

I finished doing third colours last night, then did stockings (for those wearing them) and shoes/boots) for those wearing them.

Today I've done fourth and fifth colours as well as painting the bases with yellow ochre.

Tomorrow I'll be doing belts & scabbards, hats, lace and metals.

OMG - she's painting up another spaceship!


  1. Nice work Tamsin and oh so colourful!! Stop painting spaceships and get the Pirates finished!!

  2. What's wrong with another spaceship?

  3. Your Pirate force is going to be akin to one of the pirate armiesin central America- they do look immense.
    Unlike some, I wantto see the shipfinihsed ! (Swabian Battle Cruiser ?).

  4. Pay no attention to Ray. Paint whatever you feel like. be that Pirates, space ships or even your toenails..... I think Ray paints his! Well Fran says he does.(snigger snigger!)

  5. Very nice Tamsin. Just wonder how many points Ray's painted toenails would get :D

  6. Coming on really well, your a machine girl


  7. @ Ray - the spaceships give me a welcome mental break from painting big batches of pirates so, no, I won't stop painting them :p

    @ Whisk - absolutely nothing wrong with another spaceship. Ray's just upset that it's not a badger or budgie

    @ Zabadak - it will be a quite sizable force when it's complete. Enough to assault Porto Bello or Panama City :)

    @ Clint - pay attention to Ray? Nah!

    @ Loki - thanks. Maybe we should ask Curt?

    @ Ian - cheers, but will you stop saying I am a machine?

    @ Fran - thanks!