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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Challenge Day 62 - St Valentine's Day Moussaka

Well, that would have been my dinner if I'd been stupid enough to venture out to the shops for the ingredients.

WIP Lady Christina Recovery & Repair Ship

While the yellow ochre base coat on bases has been drying, I've been working on this ship. It's almost done now - just a little bit of tidying up, some ID markings and possibly a wash over the yellow to provide some depth. UK followers may have twigged what has inspired my colour scheme. I'm tempted to get a second and paint it in the colours of their main rival.

WIP Pirates!

Aaarrrrr! I've spent a couple of hours this evening sorting and sticking figures onto their bases. They've come out as 44 bases of "other buccaneers" (Warriors, Average, Unarmoured, Musket*/Impact Foot/Sword) and 36 bases of "disciplined buccaneers" (Medium Foot, Average, Unarmoured, Musket/-/Sword). I've also done 2 unit command bases with 4 figures to combine with 10 of the "disciplined buccaneer" bases to upgrade them to "veteran buccaneers" (Medium Foot, Superior, Unarmoured, Musket/-/Sword).

Other Buccaneers

Disciplined & Veteran Buccaneers

Tomorrow I'll be adding sand/gravel to the bases, then on Sunday I'll do the drybrushing, matt varnish and flocking.

Once they're submitted, I guess it is time to start working on the command stands and artillery, although I might take a short break to finish painting my entry fee figure.


  1. 'Sokay kid, my dinner (we call it tea round here) was fishcakes cos the Boss was on duty. :O(

    Those spaceship thingies are beginning to cause an itch . . . .

  2. The ship looks cool.
    The Pirates look colourful and it is great to see they are nearly done. They will be quite a sight when they hit the table. Good going.

  3. Lovely work Tamsin, trying hard to resist painting my pirates this is not helping :)

  4. Nice progress with these. They're all looking brill

  5. Those pirates are looking good Tamsin

  6. @ Gary - scratch it! Scratch it! :)

    @ Clint - cheers! I'm not sure whether to submit them as a single entry or split them over two entries. I think I'll go with the single as that will let me show them all together.

    @ Loki - resistance is futile!

    @ Nathan - thanks!

    @ Ian - cheers! And you're not calling me a machine today! Whoopee! :)

    @ Dan - thanks!