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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Challenge Day 57 - A Sunday Update

You're right. I was a bit quiet last week. That's mostly because after Tuesday, every evening saw me getting home from work cold and tired. So, I didn't really get anything done apart from finishing touches on the spaceship.

J Peasmold Waste Reprocessing Ship

I've finished this today and sent the pics to Curt. This should nudge me over Ian's 1066 point target which I think means I win the race.

You should see the pics later today or tomorrow.

Entry Fee & Favourite Character Figure

The green stuff additions have hardened and the bits you saw lying at it's feet added. He is no longer headless! I've also glued him to a base and added some texture. This morning, I brushed off loose bits of ballast and rubble, then primed the figure and texture black.

Blue Moon Pirates

Last night I spent a couple of hours painting the trousers/shorts on all of them. Today I've been second colours - mostly shirts and coats, but some headscarves. These are painting up quite quickly in comparison to the Rebel Minis pirates, so I have high hopes of finishing them by mid-week.

Tomorrow night I've got my second game in the club's 30 Years War FoG:R tourney, this time against Andy's 1632 Swedes. I think lots of artillery is the order of the day, to try to chew up his foot before they get to charge.


  1. Good progress all the same Tamsin.

  2. That's a lot of Pirates - very impressive!

  3. And I thought I had a lot of pirates ffs.
    Good luck in the challenge

  4. Nice motley crew you have there, Tamsin!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your entries in the challange!

  5. Progress is Progress they will look good when finished.

  6. Regular conveyer belt of productivity.

  7. Pirates are coming together nicely and good luck with FOG tonight.

  8. Not much progress, but a desk full of pirates and a score over a 1000 points, stop being so hard on yourself! Great stuff Tamsin.

  9. Do you ever listen to music whilst you paint?