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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Challenge Day 66 - On The Workbench

After my marathon effort over the weekend, I've chosen to take a brief break from painting. I should make a start again tomorrow.

However, I haven't been idle. Yesterday and this evening I was doing prep work on the additional ships to upgrade my FSE from an intro fleet to a mega fleet. The ships are currently being soaked in warm, soapy water - I'll put them out to dry overnight. The big ships will need a bit of pinning, so I drilled holes during the prep stage.

I also received a package from Donnington Miniatures yesterday. This contained some dragoon figures for my pirate buccaneer army, to represent their mounted scouts (classed as dragoons in FoGR). The main part of the order was a bunch of Mongols to add to my Choson Koreans as nomad mercenaries or as an allied contingent. It was when I was checking them that I discovered I'd made a minor booboo when placing the order and I'm one figure short for my Guard/Touman cavalry. I'm not in any rush to finish these, so I'll pick up the extra figure at Salute. I did, however, take time last night to prep the figures for the command stand, which I do plan to paint up for the Challenge.

So, some workbench pics.

Everything in the current painting queue

Figures for the pirate buccaneer command stands

Pirate Buccaneer dragoons and Mongol command figures


  1. Congrats on reaching day 66. Super duper impressive.

  2. Good prep works pays off.
    You got a bit of painting lined up there.

  3. By your recent standards the work bench seems empty. Take care you!

  4. Plenty to work though as Clint points out its not as busy as it as been.

  5. "However, I haven't been idle."
    I can't imagine anyone who would put the words "Tamsin" and "idle" in the same sentence. :)

  6. Hi Tamsin,

    I saw all your Buccaneers finished on the challenge page! they are fabulous! colourful like I love the paint!
    to re use one "Winnie" good word:
    " buccaneers are only "Rhum, Lash and Piratry ;-)"

    have fun with them on FOGR!

    All the best.

    thefrenchjester " still on the raft of the Medusa with The Pogues"

    PS: "PUNK NOT DEAD!!!!!"

  7. Has anyone noticed the typo in the post labels? Are Momgols an army of mother-in-Laws?
    Congrats to Tams on your amazing dedication to painting!

    1. Grrrrrrr! Clumsy typing fingers - well spotted. I've fixed it now :)