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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Challenge Day 50 - And A Bottle Of Rum

....will help ease the frayed nerves from waiting in anticipation of Curt posting the Hero/Heroic Group bonus round entries.

Today was mostly spent on chores - shopping, laundry, washing up - so I've only managed to do a little bit of painting. However, that was enough to see me put the finishing touches to the pirates. They have received a coat of Klear/ink (with the same strength of brown, but half the strength of black compared to my normal mix) which is drying at the moment. Later on I'll pop them off the painting sticks and sort them by type.

But what's that in the background?

That, my friends, is a J Peasmold waste recycling ship from Ground Zero Games. I decided to paint this up to give myself a break before starting on the next batch of pirates.


  1. Congrats on finished them, Tasmin. They look great; a bit of rum would be in order to celebrate. Best, Dean

  2. Well done Tamsin, they look great. I hope you were wearing sunglasses when you painted these guys!

  3. They're a colourful lot and more to come too !

    I do like the look of the GZG ship too.

  4. I dont blame you there for taking a break for the pirates and a good start on the ship.

  5. Yo Ho Ahoy! I like the fact that it is a recycling ship......very green and modern thinking.

  6. Fantastic work on the pirates Tamsin!

  7. Great looking Pirates - are you planning to build some ships for them?

  8. Great Pirates, arrr.
    Wonderful models, I always wonder how you could do such a lot of models in one go.
    I must know your mysterious way of doing that..

  9. @ Dean - no rum in the house, so I made do with a single malt whisky

    @ Millsy - sunglasses? Nah, a full face welding visor!

    @ Zabadak - I wasn't happy with the way it was looking, so I've gone back over it with white as the base. Thank goodness for thin coats.

    @ PK - a break is needed

    @ Clint - I think it is liquid waste, with some solids in it.... *phew! Convoy leader to J Peasmold. Please place your ship at the rear of the convoy, approximately 20 parsecs behind the 2nd last ship"

    @ Rodger - thanks!

    @ Miles - I have a 15mm Blue Moon man o' war which I started painting last year. I also have some small (1:450 scale?) pirate ships from Peter Pig

    @ Markus - it's quite simple really. Become a megalomaniac with no other outlet!