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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Challenge Day 56 - Paint Table Saturday #14

It's that time of week again....

Pop on over to Sofie's blog to see all the other participants.

So, what's on my table today?

A spaceship; a mysterious headless 28mm figure with some added greenstuff, surrounded by bits; and a large batch of 15mm figures....

This is a J Peasmold waste reprocessing ship from Ground Zero Games. I like the way the grey wash has dirtied it up. I've still got a couple of bits to do before it's finished and then I can submit it in the Challenge for a few points.

This is my next batch of pirates - 96 figures from Blue Moon, a mixture from the "Pirates and Treasure" and "Europeans Captains and Sailors" packs. These guys have a lot more flesh showing than the pirates from Rebel Minis

I'm on leave from work this week, so I should be able to finish the pirates this week and might even get the next lot (assorted pirate Captains) done as well. I might even start work on another spaceship.

As for the mystery figure, this will be my entry for the "Favourite Character" bonus round and will also be my entry fee. I've still got a few weeks to get it painted up. I'll be keeping him under wraps until he's done though, but you may see him appearing as a small part of painting table shots.


  1. On leave you say? Better get my finger out or you'll pinch my place on the ladder! :-)

  2. I say that ship reminds me of something out of B5 or Space 1999 and I love it. I wait to see the mystery figure

  3. Thanks for participating and showing us your paint table today! I added your link to my blog post. I'm curious how this batch of pirates is going to look! Are they going to be as colorful as the previous ones?
    Greetings, Sofie

  4. Tamsin, you paint on a near-industrial scale. The only thing I've seen today that is slightly more impressive is Dave Docherty's mass of Madhists. And only slightly more impressive.
    I love that spaceship. Terrific stuff. Is it going to be boarded by space pirates? :)

  5. Your output truely impresses me - yet again.

  6. Having seen what your impressive output is like, this lot should be a snap as you're on leave !
    The ship is excellent btw.

  7. Always a pleasure to see your output. I look forward to seeing the starship finished and with points assigned to it.

  8. Plenty to go at there Tamsin keep it going

  9. Another stonking entry awaits, great job Tamsin!

  10. @ Millsy - I'll be using this week as much for catching up on sleep as on painting, so you needn't worry too much!

    @ PK - I was thinking more Battlestar Galactica TOS :)

    @ Sofie - I'm using the same colour sets, so they should be as colourful overall

    @ Michael P - sometimes you just have to go industrial. Dave's Madhists are truly awesome...

    @ Dan - thanks!

    @ Zabadak - hopefully they'll be finished quite quickly

    @ Clint - ship is submitted. I've got no idea how many points I'll get for it though

    @ Andrew - yup, lots to do, lots to do....

    @ Michael A - the pirates will be one stonking entry and one or more small entries now that Curt has asked us to keep entries under 500 points (I'll have to break that limit with the main part of the pirate army though)