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Saturday, 4 February 2012

WIP: Sarmatian "Other Cavalry" #08 - finished!!!

Finished at last!!! It really seemed like a long haul doing these, probably because it was a long haul.

All 48 "other cavalry" are painted, varnished, Klear/ink washed and based with basing texture mix added. As I know you'll all complain if there are no piccies to see, I took several.

En mase:

1st Battle Group:

2nd Battle Group:

3rd Battle Group:

4th Battle Group:

As a reward for finally completing them, instead of cracking on with painting my light foot bow and javelin troops, I decided to do some fun work and painted up the bits and pieces for my camp bases. Depending on how far I get with them, there may even be some pics later on tonight.


  1. !!! Cracking looking cavalry!!!!

  2. Realy nice looking figures - very wargameable !

  3. Some cracking looking figures

  4. Cheers guys - just so glad to have finally finished them :)

  5. Bloody hell Tamsin, they look good, and now I'm behind you. Darn

  6. @Ray, Geminian - thanks for the compliments

    @Seb - also thanks. I do recall saying that these would put me ahead of you in the BGs painted race ;)

  7. Cheers Phil - how are your Parthians doing? (It is Parthians isn't it?)

  8. Great stuff, lots of colour variety, good job.

  9. Fantastic looking minis - the sight of the entire army is very impressive! Cheers!


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