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Friday, 24 February 2012

Some things Sarmatian Lancers Do Not Like......

  • My crappy generalship
  • My crappy dice rolls
  • Not winning pre-battle initiative
  • Enclosed fields
  • Villages
  • My crappy dice rolls
  • Having no light foot archers when facing a shooty foot army*
  • Enemy with chariots
  • Enemy with crossbows
  • Enemy with heavy weapons
  • Enemy behind portable defenses
  • Enemy with chariots carrying crossbows
  • Enemy with crossbows and heavy weapons behind portable defenses
  • My crappy dice rolls
  • My crappy generalship
  • Being away from the steppes
  • Lack of meat on the retreat from India to China
  • My crappy dice rolls

*see also the various "my crappy dice rolls" and "my crappy generalship" entries - I generally prepare 2-3 possible army lists, then roll a die to decide which one I'll use. My crappy generalship - I forgot to remove the almost-all-lancer list, then guess what happened next? Here's a big clue - given "my crappy dice rolls", with a 1-in-3 chance of getting the almost-all-lancer list, what die roll did I get?

'nuff said. I think you can also guess the outcome of tonight's battle against Seb's Qin Chinese army. Tomorrow (or possibly this weekend - I think I need to crack on with my javelin troops!), you will be able to see what developed in (in)glorious technicolor.

What? You want to know just how badly they did?

Sarmatians: 5 battle groups broken or auto-broken, army rout; approx 50% of bases "off table"
Qin Chinese: 1 battle group fragmented; 2 bases "off table"

My Sarmatians definitely need to regroup before their battle against Tim the Madaxeman's Western Han Chinese (basically the same list as Seb's, with some minor differences). I'm thinking that it might be very sensible to take the maximum of light foot archers so that I at least have a chance of disrupting/fragmenting his BGs before my lancers get stuck in. Maybe an "Inspired Commander" for the magic aura of invulnerability to counteract his shooting?


  1. Ouch!! That sounded like a bad one. I feel your pain re the dice rolls. If the damned things are not going your way then it is a hard slog.

    Re your generalship, you'll have learned from the experience and now the Han will have much to fear.

    And yes lancers don't like chariots regardless of which rules you are playing!

    1. and yet, my chariots didn't have to charge... They just shot at the poor Sarmatians horsemen :))

      My batrep should be ready and published this afternoon

    2. Indeed, they did just have to fire their crossbows at the light horse and let my crappy dice rolls do the rest - rolling a modified 1 to take them from disrupted straight to broken was painful I tell, you, painful!

  2. That's a whupping and no mistake!

  3. The dice gods are laughing as I type....

  4. @Phil - indeed it was

    @Fran - yup, I can hear their laughter too......

  5. And now you can read this painful moment here:


    yes this is the batrep...

  6. Ouch! I knew it was going to be hard fight with all those crossbow armed Chinese. But ouch.

    1. That was before I read the batt rep and found out about Sebastosfig's defensive stakes.... Ouch some more!


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