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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I won! And a quick painting update

Yup, that's right - I won my FoG match this evening. At the point the match was called (we'd reached the allotted time) my opponent, Jerry, had 2 BGs broken and off the table, and another BG fragmented versus just 2 BGs of mine which were fragmented. If the game had continued another turn or 2 I think my Sarmatians would have sent their Mid Republican Roman opponents into Army Rout.

Oh, and I'd only lost 2 bases, both of Protected Lancers.

Another oh! - my army was all cavalry this evening. 4 BGs of Armoured Lancers, 4 of Protected Lancers, 2 of Light Horse (all 4-base BGs).

Full AAR tomorrow, with lots of pics. I'd love to have posted a couple of teaser pics but my camera battery ran out right at the end so I haven't been able to upload them yet.

ps Seb and "Madaxeman" Tim had their tournament match this evening - Qin Chinese vs Han Chinese. I think Seb lost, but not heavily. And his figures look even nicer in real life than as pixels on his blog.

Painting Update:

Looking at my workbench yesterday, I realised that if I carried on with painting the javelin troops I would only have 9 figures (the lancers for my command groups) ready to work on next. "Ho, hum" thought I "perhaps I should institute Tamsin's Equine Development Facility without further ado". So, last night I spent a couple of hours prepping 42 unbarded horses. That leaves 39 more unbarded horses and 39 barded horses to be prepped. Once they are all prepped it will be onto the painting sticks, slap on the gesso and then set to work on painting them "en masse".


  1. good to hear all that hard painting is coming up with a win.

  2. Well done on the win, obviously too excited to go to bed eh?

    Your painting plans are large, hope you keep it up


  3. Congrats on the win, even better than taking part.....

  4. Congratulations on the win. I always thought a horse-only army would work well (must finish my Parthians!).

  5. I discovered when checking up the rules after posting last night that we'd done a couple of things wrong in the game (we're both FoG novices), so the result might have been closer if we'd got them right. Overall, benefits from the mistakes would have evened out, so no harm was done.

    @Ian - 120 horses should actually be relatively quick and easy to paint up en masse with the method I'm using. the only time consuming part will be the detailing (tack and decorations, but even that should be quicker and easier without the riders.

    I really do want to get them finished asap so that I can get them on the table and get on with other parts of my lead pile. It would be nice to have my Sarmatians complete (well, until I decide to add some of the other troop options) by the end of the month, but that is probably pushing things a bit.

    @Phil - horse-only? They might do better if they have riders as well! *grin*

  6. ps - thanks all for the congrats. Winning was a very pleasant experience.

  7. Congrats Tamsin. I'm really looking forward to battle against you.

    And BTW, though I broke, Tim was one point short from demo too ;)

    Yes Chinese armies are tough


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