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Sunday, 5 February 2012

WIP: Sarmatian Camp #2

Last night I was playing around with the bits to try out different arrangements for the camp or camps. I discovered that all of the bits (gers, camp followers, goats, loot and cook fires) can fit onto a single base (120 x 80 mm) but it looked a bit too "busy" and doesn't leave much room for scenic details. Here is a pic of the first single-base set up I tried:

What to you think - too crowded?


  1. @Roby - it's for FoG

    @Seb - it does look good, but I'll need to buy more camp followers and paraphernalia for my next army. Mind you, it will be a while before I do another army up for FoG, so maybe .......

  2. looks fine. If you´ve ever done re-enactment camps or visited them they are pretty cluttered and close together.

  3. Thanks Paul - never done re-enactment, but was in the TA years back and helped on lots of Cub and Scout camps, so I know from those how cluttered they can be in RL. My main concern was the visual aspect - too much going on in such a small space could make it less aesthetically pleasing.

    I'll try a few different arrangements and post pics so that you guys can let me know which looks best

  4. I think it will look quite realistic. Camps tended to be busy rag tag affairs.

  5. That's fine, will look even better when the basing is done.......


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