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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

1 month in - review time

Is it really only a month since I started this blog? Well, the calendar doesn't lie (except when it tell me that Mondays and Fridays aren't included in the weekend).

So - 31 days in January, 31 blog posts in January, 52 followers, around 2250 page views (which probably includes a couple of hundred from me before I realised that I could set it not to record my own page views), 48 15mm cavalry painted, 48 more nearly finished, and a whole bunch of figures primed ready for painting. I haven't counted how many photos I've posted, but I'm guessing a little over 100.

Not bad going on the painting front when you consider I had to take 2 weeks off to let my left arm recover from the trapped nerve (still not fully healed, but sensation in the little and ring fingers is returning gradually).


  1. Going good there. That level of painting and blogging is just great.


  2. Keep it up Tamsin. Though I have to be honest: I've almost finished my army. Well, everything is prepped at least. Now for the painting...

  3. @Seb - it's so much easier for you though - your guys are "uniform" unlike my rag-bag bunch of steppe dwellers. All mine are prepped as well (providing I stick to Rhoxolani Sarmatians - I'd need to do more lancers for other Sarmatian nations) with just the current cav to finish off before getting on with the light foot troops. OK, there are 16 light horse and the generals to paint up as well, but they can probably wait.


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