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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

WIP: Sarmatian Light Foot Javelins #1

My cold is better today, but still drained of energy. And I had to spend 6 hours without internet access - my ISP decided to do some maintenance to the hardware in my local ADSL exchange because "there was a problem". Funnily enough, I hadn't noticed any issues with my DSL connection up to that point.

Anyway, that's enough of the trivial stuff, so let's get to the important things - painting miniatures.

In between sneezing and nose-blowings I did manage to get a fair bit of painting done on the javelin troops, more than I'd realised now I look at them.

flesh (done a while ago)
reverse of shield in a "wood" colour

Still to do:
javelin shafts
"face" of shields
metalwork (sword hilts, javelin tips, shield boss, shield rim)
brown wash
glass varnish
Klear/ink wash

Looking at what is left to do, I may do a bit more tomorrow night, in between the "whitewash" and brown-wash steps on the horses. As I've rearranged my FoG tournament match against Seb to Thursday night, so with writing up the AAR on Friday, it probably means the figures will be finished at the weekend.

And I still need to work out how to paint the riders separately from the horses - any suggestions for fixing them to painting sticks?

I'm thinking of perhaps covering the sticks with masking tape, then attaching the riders by their feet with superglue (or maybe UHU). Would that work?


  1. I've painted horses and riders as separate castings and as one-piece castings over the years and I'm still of the opinion that painting the rider on the horse is the easiest way to go.

    You might consider using dowel sections, or coke bottle/wine bottle caps to mount the horse/riders on as you can get to the awkward bits easier if you can turn the horse/rider in your hand as you're painting. I don't use strips any more for that reason, you often miss bits along the "seam".

    Hope this helps.

  2. I also paint with the rider already on the horse

  3. @Both - up until now I had been doing that (painting with rider attached)but was going to try it with them separate. I might paint the saddle cloths first, then attach the riders, painting them before doing the horses.

  4. I paint mine much the same as Kobold. But, I have painted some seperate by just holding the head of the rider and painting up to the waste and only base coating the chest. Then gluing onto the hores and finishing from there. Good luck.


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