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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

On the workbench #2 - More Sarmatians

I decided to take a voluntary break from painting for tonight and tomorrow. The last couple of weeks have been quite intense on the painting front and I wanted to get myself ready for my FoG match tomorrow evening.

I *think* I have everything I need:

  • figures - check
  • terrain markers - check (though maybe not enough)
  • D6s - check
  • measuring sticks - check
  • marker blips - check
  • tape measure - check
  • paperwork - check
  • rules and crib sheets - check
  • tactical plan - errmmm, sort-of
So, what's on my workbench to be painted up after my break? Not a great deal:

16 light horse archers
48 javelin/spear infantry
9 armoured lancers for the command groups

These will be enough for me to have a reasonable army for now, but I still have another 24 "other cavalry", 24 armoured lancers and (gulp!) 72 protected lancers waiting to be prepped and painted.

Once they are painted up, I'll take a break from the Sarmatians and crack on with some of my SF stuff. I haven't decided yet which figures it will be - I've got so many to choose from right now. I was thinking about finally painting up some starships for Full Thrust, but I would want to be able to use spray paints for priming and basecoating and the cold weather rules this out for now. I also need to get some holding sticks to use while painting them (probably Litko flight pegs; I'll also order some other gaming bits at the same time).


  1. A rest is as good as...well...a rest. Enjoy and good luck tomorrow.

  2. Do you intend to paint all the available options in the list?

    Then you'll need the rest indeed. I'll try to pop in tonight

  3. Yes too much of a good thing. I tried painting last night but just could not get rolling. Pity as I could get some figures almost finished. Maybe today.

    Good luck for your game, just roll high.


  4. Good luck but don't worry about the tactical plan as the dice gods take the piss out of these......

  5. Thanks all!

    @Seb - not all the options, but enough to field 800 points of Rhoxolani and non-Rhoxolani. I may eventually add the medium foot, slingers and "mob", but that won't be for a long time. Maxing out the armoured lancers and "other cavalry" for an 800 pt army would cost me another £60 or so (not too expensive) but would mean adding another 96 cavalry to the leadpile. Hmmm, that's not too bad either ;)

    @Ian & Fran - I've been making sacrifices to the dice gods for the last week, so hopefully they'll grant me high rolls :)

  6. looks like someone is going to be a very busy person

  7. So, how did the Sarmatians fare last night for their first practice outing?


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