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Sunday, 19 February 2012

On the Workbench #3: Lots of horses

Gaahhh! My cold is actually much, much worse today. I wasn't able to get out of bed until 1pm and I've been achey with no energy all day. Not to mention the lovely colour of mucus that seems to be clogging my lungs...........

Ooops, sorry about that - probably "too much information". I really do hope that none of you catch this one though, as it is absolutely horrible.

Anyway, what's "On The Workbench"? Here are two piccies to show you:

9 Armoured Lancers for command stands; 48 javelin troops

Tamsin's Equine Development Facility - 39 barded horses and 81 horses without barding

I'm not up to doing the gesso priming today - hopefully tomorrow my cold will have eased up enough for me to do that job.

For the non-barded horses, there were 14 of one pose, 28 of another and 39 of a third. To try to ensure that I get an even distribution of colourings across the poses, I've done 14 sticks with 1 of each pose. The other sticks have single poses on them.


  1. What's that you've got your paints in? Looks like a great system for Vallejo paints!

  2. EEEEE! So many horses!! I like em when they´re finished..it´s the actual painting of them. very clean workspace btw.

  3. @Phil - it's a Stanley SortMaster (NB - not the Junior version). I saw someone using it for Vallejo/Reaper paints in a video and thought that was an idea worth copying. Each compartment can take 8-10 paints (I think the case could hold 140-150 bottles).

    @Paul - I do try to keep the area clean, although not always successfully.

  4. Just a few horses to do then! Hope you get over your cold soon and feel more like painting.

  5. Impressive stud farm you have here.

  6. Luckily you didn't get manflu or you'd be really sick....

  7. EEk !!! Painting so many horses? It would make my brain hurt. Well done you.

  8. @Rodger and Geminian - the technique I'm using actually lends itself very well to mass painting and ensures a good mix of horse colours within units (my Sarmatians are irregulars after all). What I'm dreading at the moment is painting the riders separately - I still haven't worked out how I'm going to fix them for painting ***any suggestions are very welcome***

    @Fran - I've heard of this manflu. Apparently you poor souls do get hit very, very badly by it.

  9. Here`s how I tackle the problem of riders. Drill a little hole betwee their legs and stick them on bamboo skewers. You can then stand each one as you work on it in something like a jam jar or slab of polystyrene.

  10. Further to my last, the skewer allows you to turn the figure twixt (now there`s a word you don`t often come across) finger and thumb, which is especially handy for things like belts or some helmets.

  11. @Geminian - much simpler than the thought I'd had along those lines (drill hole, attach to stand with short length of piano wire). I guess I could use cocktail sticks in place of skewers, although they'd be more fiddly to hold.

  12. I don't know what it is about horses, but they do seem to take twice as long as they should to paint.


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