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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Wednesday Workbench 29 July

A quick shot of my workbench. The brushes on the left have been cleaned, the ones on the right will get cleaned tomorrow.

I've been fairly busy with prepping the figures for my 15mm "Infamy, Infamy!" project. The Germans are done and I've started on the Romans.

I think you have probably guessed that the top photo is a bit of a tease. Over the next few days I also plan to paint this lot up:

Yes, even more scatter terrain for Mega City One.


  1. You tease Tamsin ! LOL lots of interesting bits on the table in the end shot

  2. An empty painting table is the sign of a sick mind! Are you feeling ok Pet?

  3. I always marvel at your incredibly tidy table Tamsin.

  4. Cleaning brushes eh? Can't say I've ever cleaned my brushes like this.

  5. @ Dave Stone - and some of them are from you! :)

    @ Herkybird - the emptiness was merely temporary; painting has occurred today! :)

    @ Michael A - having to switch between manual painting and airbrushing necessitates keeping the table fairly tidy; the rest of the room not so tidy! :)

    @ Ray - I do tend to give all my brushes a good clean every so often. :)