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Saturday, 11 July 2020

Paint Table Saturday 11 July

You may remember that on Wednesday I said I would be starting work on these bits:

Well, I got distracted and haven't done anything with them yet. The distractions have, however, been productive.

Infamy, Infamy! Tokens and Chips

I spent the past couple of days painting and varnishing (both sides) these tokens and poker chips.

Multiverse Gaming VersaTiles

In between doing other things on Thursday and Friday I assembled the VersaTiles and connectors. Each tiles is 30cm x 30cm and has a recessed frame underneath - the recess allows it to slot into "foundation" frames which  create elevations (they also make half-height "terraces" for partial elevations).

Connectors - enough for a 3' x 3' layout; I'll need to get an extra pack

Crossroads - there are two in the stack

T-Junction - two of these in the stack

Straight roads - all three from the stack

"Plaza" tiles - I have six of these.
I had ordered the bundle which contains 4 plaza sections, 3 straight sections and 2 T-Junctions, and added two more plaza tiles and the two crossroads. I will probably be ordering some more straight road tiles, some right-angle road tiles, more connectors and possibly some blank tiles, foundations, terraces and bridges/walkways.

Prep and Priming

I also decided to prep a few more bits of MDF terrain. I prepped and assembled some vending machines yesterday. They got primed along with some bits which I had assembled a few weeks ago.

This morning I did an initial priming on the sprue of the parts for TT Combat's "Arcade" building, then extracted all the bits, sanded down the tags, did a dry-fit to work out which bits might need to be re-primed and assembled a few bits where it made sense to do so. I then did the re-priming where needed. Tomorrow I'll be putting down base colours with the airbrush before completing the assembly.

Who knows - maybe I'll even get to start work on painting those bits that I was meant to start painting on Thursday!


  1. Even though you haven't painted the bits you said Tamsin, you have been very productive none the less

  2. Prep and Priming is a very important part of the painting process...I am so looking forward to seeing what you do with these!

  3. Ditto - also looking forward to seeing how they turn out - looking good so far. Cheers Greg

  4. @ Dave Stone - cheers! :)

    @ Herkybird - they are important; without those steps I wouldn't have anything to paint...*looks at drawers full of stuff that's already primed*... ;)

    @ Greg - thanks! :)

  5. I’ll be watching the MDF tiles with interest as I have some base coated and washed and I’d like to see/copy shamelessly the techniques you use :)

    1. It may be a while before I get around to doing the tiles - it will need a dry day when I manage to get up early enough to drag everything down to the back garden before other people start using it.