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Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Finished: Pavements, Ladders and Bridge

Having primed all of the resin stuff that I showed you on Sunday, I decided to get a few quick MDF bits finished. I started off with some pavements sections from TT Combat:

A single set includes enough sections and corners to make up just over 9 foot of pavement.

I might be getting another set at some point, which may get painted "cleaner".

Having done one set of pavements I decided to paint up another set, this time from Warbases:

And some of their ladders:

About a year ago I posted a girder bridge that I'd started working on. It's been sitting on the side since then, so I decided that it was time to finish it off.

A bit of rusting, some washes, some drybrushing, some more washes some more drybrushing and finally a dusting of light brown through the airbrush and it was done. Until I decided to add some bird droppings using the "bristle flick" method.

I've also assembled the cantina from TT Combat:

I've covered the top piece with card to cover some holes - I seem to have mislaid about half of the "lip" sections which would have slotted into the holes.


  1. All the scenery looks great Tamsin, especially like all the extra details you've added to all of them , like the bird droppings and mottling on the pavements

  2. And so it continues! - you paint like the Duracell bunny!

    Sorry, that is a rather disturbing thought!!!!!

  3. Good work Tamsin. I think I will be revisiting the gangster collection terrain coming up so those pavements look like a good option

  4. @ Dave stone - thanks! The extra effort with details definitely paid off with these. :)

    @ Herkybird - no, I paint much better than the Duracell bunny! ;)

    @ Dave D - cheers! Pavements are a useful option, but these ones may not match your existing buildings. Still, the packs are quite cheap so no real loss if you buy them and they don't match. :)