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Friday, 24 July 2020

Lots of Shininess

Lots of shininess has arrived at "Chez Tamsin" this week, mostly for my 15mm "Infamy, Infamy!" project:

Cart, wagon and civilians from Donnington Miniatures

Some more terrain and vehicles from Antenociti's Workshop (for Mega City One)

Assorted bits from Magister Militum

Animals from Pendraken/Minibits

Two parcels which arrived this morning, containing...

...Romans and Germans from Lancashire Games...

...and Dangerous Dames from Pulp Figures
 I was quite pleasantly surprised to receive the latter package today - just last night I was thinking it was overdue and may have got lost in the post or held up by customs!

The photo below shows everything so far for my "Infamy, Infamy!" project:

Not that I've had a chance to see what the "Battle Packs" from Lancashire games contain, I will need to place another order with them for a few more packs. I might need to order a couple of extra figures from Donnington as well.

At the moment I'm still trying to decide whether to go with 40mm or 50mm frontage bases. I'm leaning towards the 40mm as I can then also use them for Art de la Guerre. It would also allow me to do a straight inches-to-centimetres conversion for ranges (and to use a smaller board!). As the figures will be multi-based, I will need to make up some dice-cell bases to keep track of fervour/shock and casualties.

I've got plenty of time to decide though - I've still got to prep, prime and paint all of that pile!

Workbench Update

After finishing the mini-mart, I decided to take things a little easier this week, so haven't got much to show off. At the start of the week I decided to paint up some MDF markers and a "dashboard" for Chain of Command:

Yesterday I primed some of the Antenociti's Workshop terrain; while I had the airbrush out I also applied the base colours to a few small figures (all will be revealed in a day or two):


  1. I Love getting parcels in the post! I think you may find you need a few extra small packs from Lancashire for command figures, and to make up units to the exact size you want.
    Still cheap as chips though, especially at the moment with the Lancashire games sale!

  2. Great looking haul Tamsin, with a wide variety to look forward to seeing. Any progress is good, no matter how small, as long as your enjoying what your doing

  3. An exciting looking haul. 15mm seems a much better scale for Infamy to my mind, looking forward to seeing your project unfold.

  4. Some interesting purchases there. I'm still amazed at your productivity levels - well gone! Cheers Greg

  5. My word Tamsin, that's some haul!

  6. @ Herkybird - I had ordered a command pack for each force, but realised I probably need more so added those to the order I placed yesterday to take advantage of the current sale! :)

    @ Dave Stone - definitely a good haul, but a lot of prep to do before I can actually do any painting for that project. :)

    @ Jacksarge - it may be a while before i can make a start on that project, so I hope you can bear the wait. :)

    @ Greg - cheers! :)

    @ Michael A - it is, it is! :)