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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Test Paints - WW2 British Paras #2

I knuckled down today and worked my way through the next batch of test painting. The figures I used were all 1st Corps.

Even while I was painting them I realised that some of my colour choices weren't quite right. After applying the soft tone wash, I concluded that for just about every element I am better off doing a single step of either the base, the highlight or a mix of the two followed by a wash and then highlights where appropriate (either the original colour or a mix of the original and a lighter colour). There were some colours that were too dark and some too light - I'm either replacing those or changing them to a mix for my next test batch.

As for this batch, although they aren't perfect they are good enough. A bit later tonight I will be painting the ground texture on the bases. Tomorrow, I might give them some highlights then varnish them and put them to one side for selling on at some point.

When they are done, I'll re-black the previous test batch and get another batch out to test my new revision of the scheme.


  1. I am ssooo glad its not just me who struggles with getting the 'look' right on figures!
    I am sure you are closing in on the look you want, and look forward to seeing the figures!

  2. I agree, I am always looking for the 'best way', but for me at the moment, it is base, wash and highlight. It strikes me that after a wash (unless mine is too rich) some highlights of the original colours need to go back in, to enhance the shading and brighten the figure.

  3. Great seeing how your thought process develops on each batch Tamsin

  4. To me those Denisons look spot on. I know from personal experience how hard it can be to get the colours right and yours look perfectly fine.

  5. @ Herkybird - I am closing in on "the look" I'm after. As much as anything, this is finding a scheme that will be relatively quick to paint as figuring out the best colours to use :)

    @ Norm - I definitely ended up taking much longer on each batch of Australians through my accidental decision to go with several layers of highlighting for pretty much every element. I want to avoid that this time, while still having a good result. It doesn't help having a camo pattern in the mix :)

    @ Dave Stone - cheers! I'm slowly, but steadily working my way back towards a variant on the Farnworth guide it seems! :)

    @ Nick - thanks! I might have made some of the brown/green patches a bit too big, which I'll need to be careful to avoid in future. I think the green might be a little bit too dark. It's the green webbing that's being a little awkward to find the ideal colour right now though :)