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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Sunday Workbench 15 September

Well, that's the first set of the remaining Warlord figures finished. I followed the same scheme apart from the trousers where I tried a couple of different colours for the highlighting.

Left to right:
1) English Uniform, Soft Tone wash, dry-brush Green Brown (70.879)
2) English Uniform, Soft Tone wash, dry-brush US Field Drab (70.873)
3) English Uniform + Leather Brown (70.871), Soft Tone wash, dry-brush English Uniform

2 and 3 look best in my opinion; I'll probably go with 2 as it doesn't require any mixing. 1 looks too green, but would be worth remembering if I ever do a Canadian platoon.

I have also been thinking about giving the figures a light pre-shade coat with the airbrush before painting - black primer is a real pain to go over with somewhat transparent paints. The greens have been OK, it's the flesh, Denison base colours and the English Uniform for the trousers that have needed a second coat.

I've made a small start on the rest of the Warlord figures. I should be able to finish them off tomorrow, then both batches can be varnished on Tuesday morning.


  1. Great progress Tamsin, and nice to see you've settled on a colour for the trousers

  2. 2 for the win! - I had terrible trouble settling on the right colour - when I did mine, so I feel your pain!

  3. I agree a lighter colour over black primer is a great help. I dry brush a light colour, but interestingly today, did a German motor cycle combo (20mm) and a 75mm PaK 40 and crew with German tank ochre over the black primer, just a light dusting to catch the highlights and I am pleased with the result

  4. The lighter one for me too, should look great on the table.

  5. I think the ones on the right.

    Last time I did some British Paratrooper I did the trousers English Uniform, Strong Tone wash then glaze of English Uniform, glaze 2/3 English Uniform + 1/3 US Field Drab then glaze 1/3 English Uniform + 2/3 US Field Drab.

    Some here: http://scrivsland.blogspot.com/2017/09/wwii-british-airborne-and-sas.html

  6. I like how this is unfolding Tamsin (and you can always flip over to #1 recipe when you decide to do the Canadians) As a suggestion, give GWs Camoshade a whirl, it really works nicely.

    I usually do a zenithal shading of light grey over my black-primed figures to help 'lift' lighter-toned colours (a big help for whites, reds and yellows).

  7. @ Dave Stone - cheers! :)

    @ Herkybird - thanks! :)

    @ Norm - was that dusting with an airbrush/aerosol? That can give quite a nice gradient of colour over black primer as you will tend to get more of the light colour depostied on the upper surfaces, getting less as you go down - let the transparency of lighter colours do the work for you! :)

    @ Michael A - cheers! :0

    @ Paul SS - thanks! I might go for some figures (2) and some figures (3). Those figures in your post look fab :)

    @ Ray - cheers! :)

    @ Curt - thanks! It's taken a lot of work and patience on my part, but now that the "test lab" results are in, the main force should look great when they're done.
    I'm not sure that Athonian Camoshade would be the best wash for these, as it looks to be a greenish hue - maybe for Canucks and early war French :)