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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Finished: Warlord WW2 British Paras

And that's the rest of the Warlord Paras painted. I finished the painting yesterday and gave them a coat of Klear, but had to wait for this morning to airbrush them with matt varnish.

It feels somewhat appropriate posting some finished British Paras today, the 75th anniversary of the start of Operation Market-Garden.


Bren Team

Vickers MMG Team

3" Mortar Team

6 Pounder AT Team

I haven't glued the gun onto the base yet as I'm not sure whether to leave it loose or whether that size base is right for it. We shall see.

Johnny Frost and Signaller

NCO and Medic

With these completed, and my paint scheme nailed down, I'll be taking a short break from the project to paint something else. Before that, I'll get the recently purchased and prepped figures primed - that's a job for tomorrow as I've just gunked the bases of the Foundry Paras I bought at Colours.


  1. Nice work on these. I think that base for the 6 pounder is very clever, certainly a great way to have a little diorama with the figures without having to have a giant base.

  2. Great work on the unit Taamsin, the base you have under the 6 pounder looks good to me

  3. Well done that girl! You cracked it!

  4. Very noice! I like your brighter approach to these figures.

  5. Is the idea for the 6-pdr base to allow space for the crew?

  6. @ Martin C - thanks! :)

    @ Lasgunpacker - cheers! I think it would still work as a "diorama" without having a base under the gun's wheels :)

    Dave Stone - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! :)

    @ Michael A - thanks! :)

    @ Curt - cheers, Snowlord! I did consider making them dirty, as though they had been wearing their uniforms in the field for a good week, but decided not to as I'd then have to paint 5 o'clock shadow on them as well :)
    Besides, they look much nicer as though "freshly arrived" :)

    @ Fran - thanks! :)

    @ moif - that's the plan, as it will allow crew figure removal whilst still giving something to pick up the weapon by. I had originally made it up on a larger base with the crew figures attached but decided to go this way instead :)

  7. Great work Tamsin. British WW2 paras are so tricky to paint - these look tremendous.

  8. Blimey! you've been busy, fantastic paint job and just in time for the anniversary.

  9. They look excellent Tamsin! Each time I see your Paras I remember you pointing out the berets on my first attempts being too red. And heck, you we‘re absolutely right. Thank you once more Tamsin.
    I feel it‘s advice like yours that helps to get better as a painter.

  10. @ Greg B - cheers! The main problem is getting the colours to look "right", the pattern itself isn't too difficult :)

    @ Silver Whistle - thanks! Coinciding with the 75th was a happy bonus :)

    @ Nick - cheers! The beret colour is an easy mistake to make - glad I could help you out :)

  11. Lovely work Tamsin. The smocks are superb!