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Saturday, 28 September 2019

Finished: 28mm WW2 Aussie Additions

OK, that's it. No more additions to my WW2 Australians...

Engineers (Brigade Games)

Flamethrower team

Mine clearance team

These figures are a touch smaller than the other Aussies in my collection, but not too badly. Luckily, I don't need to add any more. The two chaps with Owen guns can also be used as infantry (as if I don't have enough already!).

Forward Observer Team (Warlord Games)

As I only need to represent the FOO in CoC, I based the other two figures separately so that I can use them as additional crew figures for support weapons.

Papuan Infantry and Porters (Brigade Games)

The sculpts for these aren't as nice as the ones from Warlord and Eureka. They're also a touch smaller, but that isn't a problem.

Kangaroos (Eureka Miniatures)


I chanced upon these figures while browsing for other animals and just had to buy them to use as CoC jump off points for my Aussies. Or as wildlife for games set in Australia, should I ever play any. I particularly liked the female with the Joey in her pouch:

Looking at the close-up pics, I think they might benefit from a light grey wash to smooth out the final bit of brown-grey stippling I did.

Not bad for less than a week's output.


  1. Fantastic work Tamsin, the skin tone on your Papuan is really good, and love what you've done with your roo's

  2. Tremendous work, Tamsin. What a terrific selection of Australian-related minis you've assembled and painted. They look awesome, and would be pleasure to game against :-)

  3. Wow, those look spectacular, it always amazes me how well you get stuff done to such a high standard! Well done!

  4. Lovely looking roos Tamsin! I would do the grey wash if I was you. Eastern Greys (assuming that is what you have painted them as) are a bit less yellow. Quick too I might add. Got chased by one of the buggers as a kid. We don't call em velocirabbits for nothing!

  5. Loving the update. Where are the tufts from?
    Also, there is an article in this month's WI about colonial skirmishes in Australia, so I know where to get my Roo's from now!

  6. They look great Tamsin. Are you near completing this project?

  7. @ Dave Stone - thanks! I've had a bit of practice with dark skin tones, so they weren't difficult :)

    @ Blax - cheers, Simon! I really do need to get them on the table at some point :)

    @ Martin C - thanks! :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! :)

    @ Millsy - thanks! I had a feeling that I'd taken the final round of brown-grey stippling a bit far; I might do a grey stipple then a grey wash to tone the brown down :)

    @ Peter Brian - cheers! The tufts were homemade. I've seen the first article, haven't had a chance to read Pt 2 yet. Eureka also do some emus and Merino sheep :)

    @ Dannoc - thanks! About the only thing I might add in future are some more M3 Stuarts for the 42/early-43 campaigns :)

    1. M3 Stuart's good choice. Would like to see them done.

  8. Love the kangaroos! Wouldn't want to mess with them in a fight either!

  9. Wonderful additions to your collection Tamsin! Those Kangaroos are absolutely ace.

  10. Fab additions. Love the Engineers and Papuan's in particular.

  11. @ Alastair - thanks! Neither would I! :)

    @ Nick - cheers! :)

    @ Simon Q - thanks! :)

    @ Geordie - cheers! :)

  12. Excellent additions Tamsin especially the roos!

  13. Great work Tamsin - of course, the animals always steal the show! Well done.

  14. Those are all nice looking figures, but the 'roos are particularly good, great sculpts, and a very nice paint job.

    Maybe you need to do some sort of Japanese invasion? Or Mad Maximilian?

  15. Excellent additions . Great idea on the Kangaroos

  16. @ Fran - cheers, m'dear! :)

    @ Greg B - thanks! They do, don't they? :)

    @ Lasgunpacker - cheers! I have thought about other scenarios I could use the 'roos in, but mostly they'll be Aussie jump off point markers for Chain of Command :)

    @ Dave D - thanks! :)

  17. They all look fantastic. I love the grass and the hats, too. But all of them look fun.

  18. These kangaroos are terrific! First time I see some in miniatures, and your painting is excellent, congratulations.

  19. @ Whisk - cheers honey! And boogie-boogie! :)

    @ Philotep - thanks! :)

  20. Love the Roos, beautiful tones.

  21. The roos are fantastic. Troops looking good too.