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Friday, 27 September 2019

Friday Workbench 27 September

Normal service will be resuming now that my Arnhem 75th series of posts has come to an end. There were so many little tidbits that I could have added, but didn't in the end, that I might do another post with them.

However, this is meant to be a workbench post, so I'd better get on with showing you some stuff that I've been working on.

In my Wednesday morning post, you will have seen that I had finished painting some Aussies and Papuans, with some kangaroos about to be painted. I didn't do anything on Wednesday as I had the sniffles, but got the 'roos painted yesterday. This morning I airbrushed them all with a coat of Klear, then added basing texture this afternoon.

Tomorrow, the bases will be painted, washed, and dry-brushed; the figures will then get a coat of matt varnish and tufts will be added.

During one of the sunny breaks between heavy showers this morning I quickly headed outside to spray can prime the second batch of nylon scourer hedges. I'll flock them at some point; this was just to get them ready to go. I had decided not to do any trimming as they are short hedges.

I've got some other bits that need spray can priming, but I will leave those until there is a no-rain day.

As I don't have any more "quick wins" waiting in the wings, next week will see me start work on my Paras. There are 120 of them, plus two artillery pieces and 13 seated vehicle crew figures. Plus a few more figures and jeeps that haven't been prepped yet, and maybe a few more to come. I think that should keep me going for a few weeks.


  1. The roo's look outstanding Tamsin, and that's a lot more hedges you've got on the go, and just a few para's and vehicles waiting in the wings then

  2. Man, that is a lot of hedges! I look forward to seeing them flocked!
    Good luck with painting the 'Roos, I always find painting wildlife...challenging!

  3. Nice looking roos! Who makes them?

  4. @ Dave Stone - thanks! Those are just the pinnacle of the painting mountain, there's a lot more beneath :)

    @ Herkybird - About the same number of hedges as were in my previous batch. Not looking forward to flocking them - took ages last time! And those 'roos are painted, you cheeky whatnot! :)

    @ Millsy - cheers! They're from Eureka :)

  5. Lovely work. The Roos look great but what are you going to use them for? Aussie JoPs?