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Saturday, 2 March 2019

AHPC9 Day 72 - Saturday Workbench 02 March

The bits in front are the mortars and Maxim guns

March already? Doesn't time fly when you're chained to the paint table!

I actually got the rest of the 15mm Russians painted a little quicker than I'd expected, which meant I was able to gunk the bases this morning. With a bit of luck, the gunk will have dried by tonight and I'll be able to paint and drybrush them. Base edging and matte varnishing will get done tomorrow morning, before I add flock.

As they'll be finished tomorrow, I'll probably paint up some more pulp figures as a palette cleanser before I start on the Perry plastics for my early war Aussies.


  1. Hi Tamsin,
    Have you looked at the Commonwealth plastics from Warlord? They're a new release and might allow some relatively inexpensive reinforcement for your beleaguered forces. With the Perry's - will you be buying the Aussie heads they do in metal? They are quite nice and could give a bit of variety. Just remember that the earliest Aussies wear khaki - straight from the deserts of North Africa - and wore helmets into the jungle until they caught on to the fact that their slouch hats attracted less fire.
    Have a wonderful start to March!

  2. Another busy table with high quality output

  3. @ Jerry - I have the free sprue of the Commonwealth figures which came with the February issue of Wargames Illustrated; I might buy a box at some point.
    For the Perry figures, if you look back to my 9 December post, you will see that I did use some of the metal slouch hats when I assembled them. I also converted two to have Lewis guns.
    As for the uniforms, I'm way ahead of you and have already painted about 100 in KD.

    @ Ray - indeed, indeed, indeed! :)

    @ Paul - I'll be able to take a break in a couple of weeks! :)