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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

AHPC9 Day 82 - Tuesday Update 12 March

Today was the last of the Tuesday schedule for posting. From Sunday until the end of the Challenge it is "free fire" when we can post as soon as we have stuff finished.

I have two submissions posted today. The first was some more early WW2 Aussies, this time Perry plastics as Militia troops:


I didn't think I'd have a second entry finished in time but the painting went really quickly and they were done - another set of pulp figures for my collection:


These two entries have upped my tally to 3214 points towards my increased target of 3350. I'm still in 5th place, but just 10 points below AlexS - it looks as though we might be jostling for 4th place next week (the gap to 3rd place is just too big for me to catch up).


  1. I heard that Alex plans to paint one or two miniatures to the end of the event. Or not to paint at all.So fourth place is waiting for you :)

  2. Ah, the end is nigh, no matter where you end up on the leader board, you can feel well chuffed at both the quality, and amount of figures you have got painted!

  3. No matter where you are in the challenge your miniature collection has already grown tremendously. You’ve probably already matched my output I’ll likely do for the year. 😀

  4. @ Alex - please tell me it isn't so! Not painting at all? How will we get our fix of your lovely minis? :)

    @ Herkybird - I am chuffed about my output, both quantity and quality :)

    @ Stew - it's definitely grown; I'm starting to run out of storage space! :)

  5. Who will understand the mysterious Russian soul? :)

  6. Very well done but the Aussies are spot on! I likes em!