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Saturday, 23 March 2019

AHPC9 - The Final RoundUp Part 1 - My Submissions

With 30 submissions by me this year, this will be quite a long and pic-heavy post.

Rather than going through them in the order they were submitted, I have sorted them into themes.

Let's start with World War Two as that was the biggest theme. There was a pretty good split between 15mm and 28mm for this period, with Soviets appearing in both scales.

15mm WW2 Soviets

The first entry for this was a single IS2 tank, part of my first Challenge submission this year:

Main #1:


A bit later I had two submissions for the infantry and support weapons:

Main #17:


Main #19:


With all the T34s I had painted before the Challenge, these will allow me to field Russians for some games of "Big Chain of Command" - I have enough troops for two standard rifle platoons, a tank rider platoon, plus various support options. All I need to add are some engineers and maybe some light tanks.

All of these were from Plastic Soldier Company.

28mm Soviet women

I had two submissions for these, the figures are from Bad Squiddo Games

Main #2:


Bonus #1 (Recon):


28mm Early WW2 Australians

The biggest single theme within this theme was my Early WW2 Australian force, usable for North Africa and Middle East, but for my purposes they will be used for the Malaya and New Guinea campaigns. There were four entries here:

Main #5:


This lot were a mix of Perry and Artizan metals.

Main #14:


This M3 Stuart is a 1/56 scale resin model from Blitzkried Miniatures

Main #16:


These were Warlord plastic 8th Army, bought before they released the Commonwealth pack, so no slouch hats.

Main #21:


These were Perry plastic 8th Army, with some figures getting Perry metal slouch hats. I also converted two to be Lewis gunners, with guns from Colonel Bill's.

28mm Waffen SS

The other WW2 entry was a squad of Waffen SS. They aren't intended for WW2 gaming (by me) but could be used for that. I actually bought them for a specific scenario/campaign for Strontium Dog games.

Main #13:


The figures are Warlord metals.

And that leads onto one of my fun projects, Strontium Dog. I had two entries for this theme, the miniatures and some terrain.

28mm (actually 35mm?) Strontium Dog

Main #10:


The shack, watch tower, wind turbine and solar panels come with the starter set; the two drink can pieces are from Warbases.

Main #12:


The figures are metal from Warlord Games. For the painting of these I did try to emulate the comic book/graphic novel style as closely as possible.

Having jumped from the 20th to the 23rd century, let's hop back in time to medieval Asia.

15mm Ming Chinese

There were two entries to bulk out my reasonably large (but nowhere near the size of my Koreans) Ming Chinese army, providing them with gunpowder troops.

Main #7:


Main #9:


The arquebusiers and rocketeers are by Grumpy (via Eureka); the commanders are Old Glory 15s.

15mm Mongols

A few years ago I painted up a small force of Mongols to use as allied/mercenary support for my Koreans. When our club switched to ADLG for ancient/medieval games I realised that with a few additions I could field a Mongol army for those rules, and with a few more additions I could field a small army for FoGR. The army is now just too big for a foolscap box file!

I had two entries for these, one of cavalry, the other of foot:

Main # 8:


Main #24:


All of the figures are from Donnington Miniatures.

Skipping forward to the 20th century again, an ongoing fun side-project of mine has been prohibition era figures for my fictional city of Salutesville.

28mm Pulp

There were seven entries from me for this theme, mostly civilians, but with a few gangsters.

Main #4:


Bonus #4 (Water Feature):

Lady Sarah, a disreputable tramp....freighter


Main #15:


Main #18:


Main #20:


Main #22:


Main #25:


The ship was an MDF kits from TT Combat, the figures are a mix of Pulp Figures, Eureka and Dixon.

That's enough historical stuff for now, so let's take a trip into fantastical realms.

28mm Fenrisian Army

Main #3:


These wolves are for a Dragon Rampant warband. The figures are a mix of Warbases, North Star, and Foundry; Fenrisulfr is from Bad Squiddo Games.

OK, time for some more SciFi I think.

15mm Kra'Vak

This force of aliens is fir use with the Gruntz 15mm rules.

Main #11:


Main #23:


These figures are all from Ground Zero Games.

Time to return to reality and history I think.

15mm Seven Years War Russians

Just the one entry this year for these, but it was a good sized one.

Main #6:


That just leaves some miscellaneous entries to finish off this post with.

28mm Bunnies and Chickens, Main #1


28mm Gladiators, Bonus #2 (Sport):


28mm "Survivors"

Bonus #3 (Mercenaries):


Bonus #5 (Fellowship):


Hopefully this post will show why I will be taking a short break from painting to recover! I will be back tomorrow with Part 2 - The Stats.


  1. Another smashing year! Your participation in the AHPC9 does you great credit. Have you used your Australians in any games thus far?

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    I would be reaching for a "bottle" at this point ;)

  3. Impressive! Absolutely impressive.

  4. @ Clint - cheers! :)

    @ Jerry - thanks! I haven't had a chance to use them yet, hopefully soon though :)

    @ Geordie - cheers! Libations of an alcoholic nature may have been imbibed post-Challenge :)

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