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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

AHPC9 - The Final RoundUp Part 2 - The Stats

You're right. I did say on Saturday that my AHPC9 stats post would be the next day, but surely you know me better than that by now and realised it would be late.

As you should have worked out by now, this year was my most productive of all the six Challenges I have participated in scoring a total of 3426 points. I also achieved my highest placing, finishing 4th on the table (but a long way behind 3rd place); my previous highest placing was 5th in AHPC6 which was also the year I had my lowest final tally.

My previous highest score was 2522 points in AHPC5, although that year was 15 weeks rather than 13 weeks. I also didn't enter any of the bonus rounds that year. To allow a better comparison, let's adjust those to make AHPC5 13 weeks and remove the bonus round and Curtgeld points from both. I'll leave in the bonus points awarded for flags and at minion discretion for AHPC9 as I don't have those figures for AHPC5.

Deduct Curtgeld             2522-20 = 2502
Adjust to 13 weeks         2502 x 13/15 = 2168
Adjusted Tally               2168

Deduct Curtgeld              3426 - 20 = 3406
Deduct Bonus Rounds     3406 - 275 = 3131
Adjusted Tally                3131

That's a 44.4% increase over my previous highest output. Admittedly this time I'm not working, so have more time but the quality level I have been painting to has been substantially higher, particularly with the 28mm character figures but also with the rest of the 28mm. In other words, quality and quantity are both up this year. There were also many, many more 28mm character figures this year than in AHPC5 (71 vs 20) which take much longer to paint than those in squads.

Breaking down my scoring for this year a bit further:

Bonus Rounds - 275 (8.0%)
Curtgeld - 20 (0.6%)
Other Bonuses* - 29** (0.8%)
28mm - 1452 (42.4%)
15mm - 1650 (48.2%)
Total -=3426

*Flags, random generosity from minions
** I've deducted the 37 bonus points Lee added for the size of the Stronty Dog figures and included them in the 28mm total

Crikey! 3102 points of painted figures, vehicles and terrain in 3 months!

Breaking things down further:

Foot - 258 + 3 small crewed weapons/bits scored as foot
mounted - 0
Crewed weapons - 1
Vehicles -1
Terrain - 4 cubes* (I've included the Lady Sarah as terrain although it was scored as 2 vehicles)

* for the Challenge  a terrain "cube" is 6" x 6" x 6"

Foot - 535 + 4 small crewed weapons scored as foot
Mounted - 114
Crewed weapons - 27
Vehicles - 1

And by theme (as per my previous post; points include all bonuses):

World War 2
15mm Soviets:                           542 points
28mm Soviet Women                120 points
28mm early WW2 Aussies        622 points
28mm Waffen SS                       50 points
Total = 1334 points (38.9%)

Strontium Dog
28mm figures                              225 points
28mm SF terrain                           40 points
Total = 265 points (7.7%)

Medieval Asia
15mm Ming Chinese                   124 points
15mm Mongols                           445 points
Total = 569 points (16.6%)

Prohibition Era Pulp
28mm figures                               170 points
28mm freighter                            135 points
Total = 305 points (8.9%)

28mm Wolves                              145 points
Total = 145 points (4.2%)

15mm Kra'Vak                             298 points
Total = 298 points (8.7%)

SYW Russians
15mm figures                               256 points
Total = 256 points (7.5%)

28mm animals                                4 points
28mm "survivors"                       160 points
28mm gladiators                           90 points
Total = 254 points (7.4%)

Well, it seems that in the rounding I've lost 0.1% somewhere!

I'm not too surprised that my WW2 projects made up nearly 40% of my total points, but was a little surprised about how much my 15mm Ming Chinese and Mongols made up.


  1. You really have outdone yourself! I much enjoyed following you along in the Challenge, both for your inspiring contributions and your witty commentaries. I particulary liked your pulp fiction! I can't really say much about your painting in APC5, but this year's quality has been amazing. Thanks for all this and I am looking forward to you participating in the next Challenge!

    1. Thanks! Glad you've enjoyed my posts during the Challenge.

      My painting back in AHPC5 was definitely much more basic than it is now, certainly that was the case for the 28mm figures I painted back then.