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Thursday, 31 January 2019

AHPC9 Day 42 - Thursday Workbench 31 January

A day later than normal, because everything has been slightly pushed back.

As you can see, work has been continuing on the Kra'Vak. The ones you saw on Monday are finished - washes, highlights and varnishing all done - apart from basing.

In the pic above, the three sticks on the right still need to be highlighted; the rest need a black wash and highlighting/touch-ups.

I've decided to leave the Kra'Vak as just these for now, but might return to the rest later in the Challenge.


  1. The Kra'Vak are coming along nicely! I look forward to seeing the final look of them!

  2. I like them, I use them as a proxy predator force!