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Saturday, 2 February 2019

AHPC9 Day 44 - Saturday Workbench 02 February

Well, I've had quite a busy day today. Curt asked me to be special guest minion, so that he can concentrate on dealing with all the entries for the third bonus theme round. Which means that Senior Flight Attendant Tamsin has taken to the skies again, spreading mayhem along with all those chemtrails.

In between performing all my minion duties, I've been working on some of my 28mm SciFi terrain for Strontium Dog:

I've got a bit of weathering still to do, plus painting the ground texture and some detail painting.

As for the Kra'Vak:

All the figures have been stuck on bases. I just need to add some basing gunk and then paint and dry-brush it. That will be a job for tomorrow.


  1. Awe inspiring as ever
    Keep up the good work

  2. Great looking stuff - as usual. However, I do have a question: what type of minion were you?
    A merry minion?
    A merciless minion?
    A masterful minion?
    A mirthful minion?
    I could go on but good taste and a respect for our mutually shared language bars such further silliness....

  3. Steady going, I wish I could churn out a rate like that

  4. @ Geordie - cheers! :)

    @ Jerry - thanks! I think I was all four of those :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! :)

    @ Tom - yes, back to churning things out now that I'm almost over the 'flu :)