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Sunday, 20 January 2019

AHPC9 Day 31 - She Flu To Bleurghs

Yes, I have been hit by the 'flu. And a very nasty strain of it at that. I ended up spending all day yesterday in bed (can somebody please explain to me how having a fever convinces your body that you are actually a super-supple, double-jointed contortionist? My aches and pains want to know). Today hasn't been much better, although I have been able to get up for an hour or so at a time.

This was incredibly bad timing. Yesterday I was meant to be "Special Guest Minion" on the Challenge, standing in for Curt while he worked through all the bonus round entries. It has also set me back on finishing the Mongol cavalry - just the basing to do, but I need to be able to concentrate while doing that. Hopefully I'll be OK tomorrow, or I'll end up missing my Tuesday posting slot.


  1. Poor you! Influenza is not to be sneezed at! - it can be a very serious infection.
    Give your body time to get better and take it easy, and don't stress about painting. Its only a game after all!

  2. Know how you feel, I had a minor cold on Friday. It was hell. Get well soon

  3. Get well soon
    Try not to inhale those paint and varnish fumes

  4. PS Coming down with something myself - it is that time of year methinks

  5. Bad news Tamsin!
    Take care of you!
    We hope you got some help!
    Come back soon!đŸ€—

  6. You poor thing! Sending positive vibes your way :-)

  7. The plague always strikes when least desirable.
    Recoup and feel better.

    Don’t cough on your figures or entire armies will go on sick leave. 😀

  8. Oh no, sorry to read about the the flu. Tim had true flu once and it was nasty. Hope you feel better soon and that get to rest up.