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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

AHPC9 Day 34 - Wednesday Update

Just an update today and no workbench post as I'm still suffering from the effects of the flu and don't feel up to painting.

The "Sport" bonus theme round entries were posted on Sunday. There were, predictably, lots of Guildball entries and quite a few gladiator ones, including mine:

Link to *my entry*

I did manage to struggle through the 'flu to finish the basing on the Mongols in time for submission yesterday:

Here's *the link*

I'm currently in 4th place on the table, but expect to be dropped back down to 5th place in the next day or so by Noel.


  1. Well done. It's inspirational seeing you do all this work.

  2. I admire your single minded determination to get stuff done! Take regular breaks and sleep often between painting stints, and you will feel better for it, trust me!

  3. And in the background can be detected an ever increasingly loud chant of "Tamsin, Tamsin, Tamsin" pouring from the throats of her many followers! On a more serious level, do take care of yourself - the flu can too easily transform itself into pneumonia,

  4. Great stuff. Always great to see some Gladiators. Mongol is super awesome! Cheers and hope the Flu goes away.

  5. As Winston said... NO SPORT!
    and especially this one! ;-)
    Mongols are beautifull, bravo!

  6. Looks good! And being fourth is the number I love the most.