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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

AHPC9 Day 27 - Wednesday Workbench 16 January

I've decided to continue with 15mm for the next few entries. As you can see, rather a lot of Mongol cavalry is on the workbench at the moment.

I finished painting this lot yesterday evening and airbrushed them with matte varnish this morning, before making a start on these:

I should finish the horses tomorrow morning. I'll then split them into two batches for painting the riders. If all goes well, they'll all be finished (including matte varnish) sometime on Friday. Which just leaves the basing to do at the weekend. I'll then have plenty of time to get something else painted for submission on Tuesday, maybe some Ming Chinese rocket troops.


  1. Mongols always look cool, I enjoy painting horse archers myself, and look forward to seeing yours battle-ready!

  2. I wish I could paint like you... awesome

  3. Always amazed at your quality and stunning output.

  4. A big cavalry here!
    Big work!
    We want to see these finished!
    Tamsin, Who makes these cavalrymen?

  5. @ Herkybird - they certainly are cool :)

    @ Whisk - I will, hon! :)

    @ Remco - do you mean the constant churn? That's simply called "not having a life" :)

    @ Tom - thanks! :)

    @ Simon - the "like a" is appreciated! :)

    @ L'Empereur - yup, a lot of cavalry. the figures are from Donnington/Ancient & Modern :)

    1. Of course, Donnington/Ancient & Modern! This is not Our favorite manufacturer, but as for Irregular Miniatures there are beautiful figurines ... We& us must be careful when choosing!