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Sunday, 6 January 2019

AHPC9 Day 17 - Recon Bonus Theme Posted

Despite suffering a power outage at home, Curt resolutely decamped to a coffee shop with free WiFi to post all the bonus theme round entries.  All fifty-two of them (fifty-three if you include his own).

There are some great entries in there, so do pop on over to here take a look.  And vote for your favourites (you can vote for more than one entry).  You may find it best to use the links in the right-hand sidebar to view the posts as Blogger sometimes skips past posts.

I had my entry for this theme round painted, based and the draft post submitted before Christmas, which put me ahead of the game for once.  There was a good reason for that - I was able to paint the figures for this round at the same time as the figures for my second entry in the main part of the Challenge.  That's because it was some more Soviet women from Bad Squiddo Games, this time a section of scouts in amoeba pattern camo overalls:

My post can be found at this link.

Enjoy all the eye candy!


  1. Wow, these girls looks pretty nice! Women with the machinegun should be very strong.. hm.. man!

  2. Excellent entry. All Heroes of the Soviet Union.

  3. Lovely camo job. As someone who had a long running internet problem of many months, I can vouch for the coffee shop being a life-line!

  4. Cracking work on those Tamsin!

  5. Good job Tamsin!
    These soviet recon women looks pretty good!
    We are always amazed to see a woman reading a map ...
    Ok We =>

  6. Great stuff! Have you seen "The Dawns Here Are Quiet" which features a platoon of Soviet women defending an outpost somewhere in their far north. Keep up the brilliant work.

  7. That’s only slightly cheating..😛
    Painting looks good and you are doing well in the challenge it seems. 😀

  8. Those look lovely! Vodka all round methinks!

  9. @ Ultima Oriente - thanks! :)

    @ Robert H - they are indeed! :)

    @ Norm - cheers! :)

    @ Fran - thanks! :)

    @ Michael A - cheers! :)

    @ L'Empereur - merci, you cheeky beggar! :)

    @ Jerry - thanks! I haven't seen that - will have to look it out :)

    @ Simon Q - cheers! :)

    @ Stew - thanks! Not cheating at all, just sensible efficiency of effort :)

    @ Herkybird - cheers! :)

  10. Nice job on these snipers Tamsin - I have had them on my mind for quite some time - along with the tank riders - and basically all the WW2 Russian females from Bad Squiddo - one day....!