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Saturday, 5 January 2019

AHPC9 Day 16 - Saturday Workbench 05 January

I've decided that during the Challenge I will be doing my weekend "workbench" posts on Saturdays rather than Sundays.  There are two good reasons for this:

1. The bonus theme rounds get posted every other Sunday, and I'll want to do a post when they are up for viewing.

2. I should have a bunch of stuff which is at various stages of being finished to show you.

Anyway, what's on the table (as seen in the pic above).

Two batches of almost finished 8th Army/1942 Aussies:

These are all Perry metals.  They have had their Klear coat and just need to have the basing done and a matte varnish.  As these will be for the militia, I've done them with green helmets.

One batch of just about finished 8th Army/1942 Aussies:

These are Artizan metals.  They just need the final wash and Klear coat to get them to the same state as the Perry figures.

One batch of just started 8th Army/1942 Aussies:

Artizan again.  I should be able to get the basecoats, initial flesh wash and maybe some highlights done this evening.  They'll be finished quite quickly tomorrow.

The Artizan figures have khaki helmets as they will be for the AIF troops.

If all goes to plan, I should be able to get all of the basing done on Monday.  As there are two steps which need curing/drying time, I should be able to get some other figures painted up for submission on Tuesday.

Although I have reduced the painting process for these a bit, what I have found is that it is probably taking just as long to paint them.  I think that is because without the initial wash on non-flesh areas it is more difficult to determine where highlights need to be applied, so I end up applying more highlights than I probably need to.  That was particularly true of the Perry figures which have so many creases, folds and wrinkles in the uniforms.

Once this lot are out of the way, I will probably switch to another project for the following week.  I haven't decided which one yet, but it is likely to be 15mm.


  1. Looking good! Loving your Aussies (naturally)...

  2. I hear you Tamsin! Perry figures just beg to be painted with care!

  3. Very nice work as always, Tamsin. I'm sitting on the fence getting a box of these, along with the DAK set. Not that they aren't great figures, but not sure when I'll get a chance to game them.