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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Saturday Workbench 24 November

I've been taking things fairly easy for the last couple of days, taking time out for reading and some gaming, rather than painting. I've still managed to get some things done though.

For starters, the tank commanders for "Ace" and "Demon". These are from Warlord, and as you can see I did head-swap one with a Chindit head.

I also painted the stowage racks (and stowage) for the tanks:

And repainted the unit insignia on "Demon" to show it as 2/1st Armoured Brigade Reconnaissance Squadron.

As there was a "Devil" in 6 troop, I thought that "Demon" should be in that troop.

So, here are the three Matildas with stowage racks and commanders:

While I was priming the stowage and commanders, I also primed the M3 Stuart from Blitzkrieg Miniatures:

During the week, I realised that I needed to order some more MDF bases from Warbases. While I was doing that, I decided to order some of their 28mm SF terrain. I assembled them last night while watching TV:

Today I bought a cheap 4-pack of 330ml fizzy drinks from Poundland (the taste is not brilliant, but not disgusting). I just need to drink them all to complete the pieces:

I do need to get some 2mm MDF to make bases for larger terrain to go on. That calls for a trip to 4D Modelshop during the week I think.


  1. I love those 28mm SF can pieces!

  2. Outstanding work on those tanks Tamsin, and I love the terrain. I need to pick up a few MDF kits.

  3. The stores for the tanks look fantastic. I may try some of the Scifi terrain out for games with my son as well. Excellent eye candy.

  4. Your Matildas are absolutely superb Tamsin! How did you get the metallic effect on the improvised armour tracks?

  5. Great work...as usual, Tamsin. The tanks are truly smashing!

  6. @ Francis - they are rather good, aren't they :)

    @ Bill - cheers! MDF kits are so useful :)

    @ Dartfrog - thanks! :)

    @ Millsy - cheers! :)
    Here's how I did the tracks. Black undercoat; heavy dry-brush of Gunmetal Black (VMA); sponge-dabbed with Mahogany Brown (VMC), Red Leather (VMC), Orange Brown (VMC); drybrush Gunmetal (VMA); point highlight with Steel (VMA). VMA - Model Air, VMC - Model Colour.

    @ Jerry - thanks! :)

  7. Tanks look awesome. I love the writing in spray paint. 😀
    That’s also a fun use for empty soda cans.

  8. Very good tank Tamsin !
    We really appreciate the stowage and dust !
    And hope to see soon the girly can's futur! ;-)