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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Wednesday Workbench 25 April

It's been a bitty few days so far this week, and will continue to be so while I work on my Gaslands project.

On Monday I airbrushed the chassis parts with gunmetal, then washed them with Nuln Oil (confession time - I did enter an outlet of the EEoN to buy a couple of things after work that day). I also gave the bodies a wash of Agrax Earthshade. Once the washes had dried I used sponges to stipple on a variety of red.brown and orange paints to create a rust look. I thought I had taken pics, but it seems I forgot.

On Tuesday I took the bodies to work and gave them a spray coat of satin varnish. In the evening I made a start on my rust chipping experiment. I took three of the varnished bodies and used them to test three different methods - salt, hairspray and PVA. I left them to dry overnight.

I also did a little bit of work on the coach - cutting out a couple of sections of plastic to create a crew pit on the roof.

This evening I carried on with the rust chipping experiment. First off I airbrushed all the bodies white, then left it a few minutes to dry. The next job was to dab off paint using a wet brush to give the chipped effect.

Salt, hairspray, PVA

Sprayed white





The method that was easiest to use was hairspray as it allows greater control over where the chipping occurs.I just need a little bit of practice to get the right look. The salt method gave the best results as the chipping was more random, but everywhere you apply salt will get shipped whilst with the other methods you can be more selective about where to remove paint.

I did learn that for the salt method it needs a matt rather than satin coat - the water kept running off the satin. I also learned that table salt rather than rock salt is better for this scale of vehicle.

I'm not sure which method I will go with - I think it will depend on what I'm trying to achieve. Cars of scrapheap terrain might be best with the salt method; gaming piece cars might be best with the hairspray method.

This evening I've also been cutting up bits of mesh and plastic to armour up the coach. A bit later on I will start gluing them in place.


  1. good demo, I think I like the hairspray solution best, both in terms of ease of application and result.

  2. Very nice! I prefer the salt. It look more random?

  3. It is between salt and hairspray fro me, not that I have been troubled by hairspray for a while.

  4. I think the salt best, but I wonder if a combination of 2 methods might work, eg salt and hairspray?

  5. @ Norm - thanks. The hairspray technique does allow more precise application (and you can paint on multiple layers for areas that you *really* want chipped, but for the random realistic effect salt is best.

    @ Ray - cheers. Yes, salt will give a nice random look to the rusting, but it's much harder to use if you only want specific areas to appear rusty.

    @ Michael A - those two are the main choices it seems.

    @ Herkybird - it's definitely best for the rustbucket look. It's not really possible to easily combine the two methods at this scale though.

    @ Lee - cheers! :)