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Friday, 20 April 2018

Friday Workbench 20 April

With the Sea Peoples army finished (group shots tomorrow!) I've been working on some small bits. During my breaks at work, and to a small extent in the evening, I have been prepping the figures I bought at Salute. All the 15mm figures are done now, and I've started work on the 28mm figures.

The SYW Russians are all on painting sticks now, ready for priming which I will probably get done tomorrow.

These will give me 4 more regiments of line infantry (the regiments I'm missing for Zorndorf), 3 more Cossack regiments and two more artillery bases & limbers, plus one more howitzer.

Yesterday evening I got the 3 bridges painted and finished them (drybrushing and flocking) this evening. The stone work was done with a medium grey base sponge-splotched with a couple of lighter greys and then washed with a couple of different browns.

I also added some green wash around the waterline but I don't think you can see it in these pics - I'll take some better ones tomorrow.

Apart from priming the Russians, this weekend will see me carrying on with doing small bits. I'll be painting the gates for Gaslands; re-doing the King of the Battlefield templates I painted a few weeks ago - they hadn't been varnished before they were used for the Easter Monday game and the paintjob got scuffed; and I'll be testing rust techniques, mainly for working on cars for Gaslands.


  1. Your productivity is without doubt the envy of many. Looking forward to the Sea Peoples group shot tomorrow.

  2. Lovely bridges Tamsin, I will really have to paint my extra 6 Russian Infantry battalions for my 7YW army, but Star Wars gets in my way every time!

  3. Well in the time it's taken young to do the sea peoples I've finished one wagon and nearly completed 12 cavalry and 12 arches but that's it.
    I'm still amazed by your production rate.